Concerned with your passing game? Then you need this resource.

Why do you need this resource?  It’s simple, and Dan Gonzalez states it plainly in the Foreword:

No longer can a coach simply throw their hands up and say “we can’t get open” – no matter what level of talent, a competent player should be able to gain leverage to receive a pass.  In other words, a 4.8 receiver can beat a 4.4 Division 1 linebacker prospect by getting on his inside or outside shoulder and getting a well-timed pass.  Over and over again, Josh explains (and actually shows us) how to make this happen for the offense.

A very accomplished, perennial league champ and state play-off coach from Northeast Ohio told me last night.  “This is exactly what we need.”  Having a snow day, he consumed the entire book in a day and was impressed with the level of knowledge of this concept he was able to reach in having “read” this iBook.  There is over 2 1/2 hours of video in this product including instructional videos, telestrated play analysis and 70+ cut-ups for your own review. The most interesting part of this conversation is that they are already one of the best teams in the area in throwing the ball, so for him to say that, I knew this was a great resource.

With just one or two good receivers, this concept can provide your offense with high percentage passes with explosive opportunities.

Get it here for your iPad or Mac.


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