Update to 101+ Read Game Plays Available

I appreciate the patience in waiting for this update.  If you have purchased this iBook, the update is available now for free.  Click this link to learn about how to get the update.

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This book is from the Pro Style Pistol Offense Series.

101 + Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays


Sample of Plays included

Each of the links below provides a sample of some of the plays included in the iBook:

Pin & Pull Sweep

Receiver Sweep



Spacing Concept from Play Action

101 Plays are illustrated with video (press box and end zone views) and a Keynote which includes a play diagram and an assignment chart with coaching points.

The Pro Style Pistol Offense 101+ Read Game Plays

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 6.33.43 AM

The Pro Style Pistol Offense presents a flexible way to adapt the read option game into the existing offensive structure.  The book details the zone read, zone read option, power read as well as variations and play action off of every play.  Instructional videos, game video with press box and end zone views, and interactive presentations give any coach the necessary information to run these plays. Includes Over 100 videos totaling 45 minutes.


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