Special Pricing on Keith Grabowski and Coaches Edge Technologies iBooks during Convention

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Get special pricing on iBooks written by Keith Grabowski now until the end of the AFCA Convention.

I’m offering “throwback” pricing on all of my iBooks. $19.99 for a limited time (until the end of convention) for each of the following.  You get hours of video thousands of diagrams, animated and interactive presentations, video tutorials, and multi-angle game cut-ups.  The amount of content is more than other iBooks being offered on the market, and right now these prices give you the most bang for your off season development.

101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays

The Pro Style Offense: 101+ Read game Plays

The Zone Offense: Create a Structured System

A Coaching Arsenal: Exclusive Strategies from Top Coaches on Implementing the Pistol

Also on sale are Bill Renner’s iBooks ($14.99)

Pass Protection From No TE Formations

Core Drill For Developing Football Kicking Skills

and Rob Zeitman’s iBook ($14.99)

The Show Gun Offense:  Inside Veer

Check out special pricing on Dan Gonzalez and Josh Herring iBooks as well.


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