Coming Soon – Dan Gonzalez/Coaches Edge Webinar Series

Dan will be offering a series of webinars over the next several months.  Details will be available early next week.


Also look for webinars from other Coaches Edge authors.

Get Dan’s iBook series:

Get Part 1: The Need for Change 

Get Part 2: The Blue Print 

Part 1 and 2 of the series include over 3 hours of video including updates to the system from the 2014 season.

From Dan Gonzalez:
In addition to Parts 3 and 4 of my iBook series (here), we are working on a web clinic series in that will cover several topics throughout the spring.  To answer many questions I have been getting, iBook Part 3 will deal with teaching/ installing, and Part 4 will cover game planning.  In order to augment these works, our clinics will cover parts of the QB Manual, Attacking Coverage Section, and our new “Hit Lists” -an update to the game planning menu under consultant services – which serves as a brainstorming tool when combating the major coverage categories.

The season may have come to a close, but there is still PLENTY of football to go around!

More information to come…


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