Simple Solutions for a Complex Game

I am always looking for great solutions for coaches, and here is one I hope to dig into and share more information on because I believe in their core philosophy. I am in no way affiliated or paid by them.  I just really like what they are doing.

Just Play Solutions – They are worth taking a look at and researching.

Follow them on Twitter. @JustPlaySS

Here is some information from their website:

Simple Solutions for a Complex Game

Teach Quicker

Overthinking delays reaction, impacts a player’s confidence, and puts the entire team at a disadvantage. The Just Play solution gives players the tools for quicker and more comprehensive learning so that on gameday, situational assignments are second-nature.

Gameplan Better

Our system allows coaches to easily add and tweak their playbook each week and gives players instant access to updates. You control what plays are visible to your team so players are not overwhelmed by extra information that is unneccessary for your upcoming opponent.

Manage Easier

The day-to-day management of your team is a challenge. Just Play puts communication tools at your fingertips so you can quickly send schedules, itineraries and other information to your team and staff so you can focus more on practice and game preparation.


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