Accountability of the Coach/Leader

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From The Need For Change by Dan Gonzalez.

Accountability.  The very word seems, at times, lost in today’s society.   One of the things to love about sports (and our sport in particular) is that it is one of the few realms of our culture in which accountability is viewed as it should be.  As coaches, we preach accountability from teammate to teammate, and from teammate to the coaches/ program.  But what about coaches’ accountability to the players?  Coaches ask for complete faith and trust on the part of the player; often times, however, one can question whether or not the coach deserved that trust from a play calling/ system perspective.

As a coach, I was constantly looking for ways to improve my methods.  No doubt, many coaches are of the same mindset.  However, a completely honest look at many systems will reveal the need for improvement.

Formationing that eliminates unnecessary verbiage, while at the same time, minimizes memorization.  In the no huddle era that we live in, many teams will simply designate corresponding “L” and “R” words to formation structures.  While this may seem like a reasonable solution, it is dependent on rote memorization; this structure minimizes verbiage, and yet has structured rules for each position group.

In this chapter,  Gonzalez continues with the them of accountability and covers the following:

Coding Structure – Create a simple and easily learnable way to code your offense so that it is player-friendly.

Communicating Intentions – The coach must accept responsibility to guide the leader of the offense, and have a way to communicate his intentions.

System based on player needs – It is the coach’s job to orchestrate and guide; putting the needs of the player ahead of everything in a system is the ultimate in servant-leadership.

Carry over – concepts are applicable for every level of the program.

Moving the Star Player  – The best way to create explosive plays is to get the ball to your play maker.

Overcoming injury – The Ohio State Buckeyes did this.  Gonzalez builds this factor into the system.

Gonzalez explains this and other concepts through text, video, and interactive presentations.

If you are looking to improve your offense, Dan Gonzalez series Developing an Offensive System is a must-have resource.

Get Part 2:  The Blue Print. Loaded with content.  Over 2 hours of video.


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