Developing an Offensive System Webinar Series

Gonzalez BFA .002

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Email me  Put “Gonzalez” in the subject line. Upon your registration you will receive a code for A Coaching Arsenal iBook and be entered in a drawing to win 5 Coaches Edge current or future titles of your choice.

Cost of each session is $25. Coaches Edge Technologies will be hosting a webinar series with Dan Gonzalez.  The focus is developing a cutting edge offensive system.  Each session will be 90 minutes and Coach Gonzalez will be sharing information not included in his iBooks.  He is going deep into the details of his topics.  Here is his agenda for session #1 on Tuesday, February 10, 8:30pm-10pm:

  • Know what you be on offense
    • Identity
      • This identity must have a purpose…
  • Dictate to the Defense!
    • No Box Count
    • Attack Full Field
    • Gap Scheme running game
    • Make use of packaged plays
  • The Beauty of Multiple Formations
    • Maximize what you have personnel-wise
    • Dictate structures
    • Allow for specialized attack
  • Creating conflict in defenses
    • Know the rules for the defense
    • Know concepts and ideas, not plays
    • Don’t let the defense take plays off
    • Cannot do this if all you do is “count the box”!
  • Using tempo as a weapon
    • Run checks to the weakness
    • Aid in protection
    • Use of navigation tags
    • Disable the ability to disguise – “The better the disguise, the more out of position the defense is”
  • Down and Distance considerations
  • The Scoring Zone
  • Making all of the above fit your personnel
    • Creating “just likes”
    • Know your “farm system”
    • Develop a QB

Register here


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