Coaching and Preparation for Optimal Player Performance


This quote from The Wall Street Journal “How Urban Took the Buckeyes to School,” said it all in terms of the coaching and preparation of the Buckeyes on what began a run of wins to the first play-off National Championship.

“That team is as well-prepared and well-coached as anyone in the country,” said Russ Lande, a former NFL scout who is now an analyst for the Big Ten Network. “They’ve really opened up the playbook, but his players are in complete command of what they’re being asked to do.”

During the game, color commentator, Charles Davis said, “You gotta wonder what they are doing in that building.”  Meyer made it clear what they would be doing when he addressed Ohio’s high school coaches at the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association clinic in January of 2012.  Meyer told the coaches,

“The greatest teaching tools available in the history of this sport are now available to you…The days of saying, ‘I don’t use that’ are not acceptable at the Ohio State University.  We’re going to be on the cutting edge of every teaching tool that is available.”

We are at a time when technology is booming in the sport of football.  With that being said, a coach wants to be working with his players, not tied to software behind his computer. Finding tools that enhance what a coach does in creating clear understanding has to be at the core of what he does.  It is about working smarter, not harder.

I am very impressed with what Austin Barone and the team at Just Play Sports Solutions has put together.  While their system may be an add on to an editing system, it’s capability in teaching and communicating make it a very powerful tool.

For players to play fast and perform optimally like the Buckeyes did, they need to know the information that is most pertinent and be held accountable.  The main features of Just Play Solutions do just that:

  • Learning tools such as Video Quizzes, “Ask Coach” and position specific filters for playbook study, you can assure your players are ready for Game Day.
  • Just Play makes it easy to build out your system and provide comprehensive information to your team on the mobile devices they use every day.  Players are not sitting in front of computers to consume content today.  They want it mobile and on their devices.
  • Filtered content.  The players are given only what they need.  Coaches can tag video to each play to provide the optimal learning opportunity for players.
  • They are building out new features as they continue to make this a powerful tool for coaches and players.

Whether you are the Ohio State Buckeyes or the local high school team, your players deserve the absolute preparation and teaching that puts them in a position to play at their maximum potential.

Just Play Sports Solutions is a very affordable tool that let’s the high school and small college coach prepare his team at the level of the best college program in the country.


Here are some links to Urban Meyer’s on edge coaching and other sound methods for preparing players and a team to win.

Learning from Urban Meyer’s Example

Urban Meyer Coaching Methods

Urban Meyer On Edge Teaching/Coaching

On Edge Coaching Part 1

On Edge Coaching Part 2

Flipped Coaching

I will be releasing an iBook on these types of methods and the technology available to us as coaches that allow us to save time and be on the cutting edge as teachers and coaches.

I’ve also developed my company Coaches Edge Technologies to allow coaches to study the game in an efficient and effective manner.  Our coaching resources are presented in a format that allows a coach to dive deep into a topic.  We are putting hours of video and loading these products with interactive tools.  We offer them for what you would pay for a traditional DVD.

Part of finding balance is to get the answers you need to help your players and do it in a way that utilizes your time and resources wisely.  Taking weekends away from family to travel to a clinic is no longer necessary.  Our mission is to help coaches on both sides of the equation.  We want to give more than an overview of a topic.  We want to give the details necessary for you to implement a concept into your system.  Those are not usually communicated in an hour long DVD.  What’s best is that the learning is always there on your device, easily accessible anywhere, and set up in a way that allows learning to be done in small segments if necessary.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.41.47 AM

Our resources are on sale.  Check those out here or at

Also I’ve developed a program that saved me 12 hours per week on the college level, and I believe it can save any high school coach at least 8-10 hours per week, while helping the coach do his job better. Check it out here:

We also look to reward coaches for sharing and helping other coaches grow professionally.  If you are writing, producing videos, and willing to share what you learned to help other coaches, we want to reward you better than any other coaching education company.  Your intellectual property has value.  We want to help you find that value and use it to be able to do better for your family. Contact me at my personal email

Please spread the word on Coaches Edge Technologies.  We are here to help coaches find balance and be on the cutting edge of coaching.

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