iPhone versions of Coaches Edge iBooks coming soon.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.27.56 PM

No iPad or Mac?  No problem.  Dan Gonzalez’s The Need for Change and The Blue Print, Josh Herring’s Quick Rhythm Option Routes, and Brent Eckley’s RPO. Will be available soon in the iPhone version.

These versions will contain all of the content, but some of the interactive features are not supported on the iPhone.  The good news is all text, diagrams, and video are available.

To win these four titles for your iPhone email me at grabkj@gmail.com and put “iPhone” in the subject line.  We will draw the winner upon the release of the first title.

Dan Gonzalez Webinar Series

I’ve seen the content Dan is including, and you will not want to miss this.  He is including material that is not found in his books.  His ideas are cutting edge and will make any offense better.

Register here

Email me grabkj@gmail.com.  Put “Gonzalez” in the subject line. Upon your registration you will receive a code for A Coaching Arsenal iBook and be entered in a drawing to win 5 Coaches Edge current or future titles of your choice.

Get more great Coaches Edge Technologies interactive books.

Targeted Attack:  Using Tempo as a Weapon by Keith Grabowski

Over 20 tempo tools are discussed in detail and further explained with game video.  If you are not including Tempo as part of your attack, you are missing huge opportunities to move the football.  Lean more here

Want some RPO now?

RPO is something you will see a section on in several of our iBooks.

Josh Herring includes it in Quick Rhythm Option Routes.  This concept is a great tool for any offense, and he has utilized quick rhythm routes with run pass options as well.

101+ Read Game Plays by Keith Grabowski includes a variety of read game components, RPO, and play action off of the read game.


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