Message from Coach Gonzalez on his Webinar series

From Coach Gonzalez:


I am VERY excited as the work for the webinar shapes up.  I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the presentation, and think it will be an excellent primer to both the upcoming iBooks and subsequent webinars.

We are scheduled to go for 90 minutes, but the content might honestly run over.  If we do, we hope you can stay plugged in.  We are set for Tuesday, February 10, from 8:30 – 10 pm Eastern.  The registration link can be found here.

As far as content is concerned, I will not simply regurgitate old information (though I might reference some previous work); these sessions are intended to advance and expound upon the iBooks, although the teaching is conceptual and it is not necessary to know my terminology etc in order to get the full benefit of the lecture.

The main bullet points are as follows:

•Know what you want to be on offense

•Dictate to the Defense!

•Creating conflict in defenses

•Using tempo as a weapon

•Down and Distance considerations

•The Scoring Zone

•Making all of the above fit your personnel

This is a very broad, 50 thousand-foot overview; each bullet will have several subtopics.  For example, will also dive into the GAP SCHEME run game that I have used, as well all attachments and tags.  I will cover formationing, and touch game planning and teaching considerations as well.

As stated earlier these topics will flow nicely into not only the iBooks, but into upcoming webinars as well.  For example, Webinar 2 will feature the Cover 3 section of my game planning tool that I call HIT LISTS – designed to give coaches brainstorming capabilities, while still allowing to stay in the confines of their offense.

I’m very excited about this stuff and am hoping you are as well


Get Dan Gonzalez’s The Need for Change and The Blue Print.

Dan Gonzalez webinar series will be packed with information that any offensive coach can use.  Check it out here.

Register here

Email me  Put “Gonzalez” in the subject line. Upon your registration you will receive a code for A Coaching Arsenal iBook and be entered in a drawing to win 5 Coaches Edge current or future titles of your choice.


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