Pace of Play not expected to be an issue in NCAA rules meeting

Pace of play is not expected to be much of an issue for the NCAA rules committee.  Brett Bielema and Nick Saban have spoken their concerns in the pace of play in football.  Their contention has to do with the number of plays being run and the safety issues that it causes.  In speaking recently with a former NFL coach, his study of the New England Patriots showed that they played 2 1/2 more games than anyone else during the regular season in terms of the number of plays.

Football does take a toll on the body.  Many teams with two-way players struggle with the idea of using tempo because they have to be concerned with wearing their own two-way players out.  Uptempo teams certainly run more plays than traditional huddle teams.  Obviously, many teams have found a way to use tempo as a way to ambush opposing defenses.  The good news for those wishing to use tempo is that it doesn’t have to exist exclusively in a no-huddle environment.  There are other ways to affect a game in your favor with tempo.

Targeted Attack:  Using Tempo as a Weapon explains 20 procedural tools for attacking a defense.  This resource includes video examples and instruction on how to implement tempo and procedures.

It is available now for the iPad and Mac.  It will be available shortly for iPhone, Windows, and Android.  

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 3.55.53 PM


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