Diagrams, video, or both?

February 17, 2015

I just saw a tweet from Just Play Sports Solutions that posed this question:


Interesting question: Do coaches prefer: diagrams Playbooks w/ video or just video playbooks?Lucky enough we do both!

I think the answer is this…

The diagram is the starting point.  It is very much like having a route mapped out to reach a destination where you have never been.  You certainly do not know what that route looks like or the intricacies of traffic lights, speed changes, or landmarks.  However, once you have driven it a few times, you know , “Slow down here; a cop is usually sitting behind that sign with a radar gun,” or “Turn right at the McDonald’s.”  The features of what is diagrammed on paper (or digitally) become apparent to the driver.

A diagram acts the same way.  It shows exactly where to go though the technique, footwork and adjustments may not be clear.  Without a good diagram, you don’t have a clear road map.

Or you just can rely completely on the technology and end up like this:

Just kidding!

I like what Just Play Sports Solutions is doing.  They are worth checking out.

This and other topics on utilizing technology in coaching will be available in an interactive book soon.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 11.44.34 PM

In the meantime, check out my iBooks now available on the iBookstore:

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