Available: Wide Receiver Skills and Drills in an Uptempo System

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Tyler Dorton has coached 3 all-state players and 7 all-conference players in 4 years.  He’s worked hard on learning his craft and assembling a series of drills that allow him to accomplish much in a small period of individual time allotted to him in practice.  Dorton presents over 80 minutes worth of drills detailing not just what, but also the “why” behind the drills.  This is an outstanding manual for any receivers coach looking to refine his players skills and teach them to be effective on game day.

RPO (Run-Pass Option) Resources

It’s been a while since I posted a resource page, so here are my articles on RPO as well as other resources I have found on the internet.

Here’s what I have written on RPO:

My first resource page on RPO/Read Game –  Packaged Plays Resources

Pop Pass

Combining two concepts into one for a more dynamic play

Musical Chairs: Packaged Plays and the Evolution of “Option” Football 

The Total Package – I contributed to this article by Chris Brown

The Stick Draw Concept

Two-in-One Plays and Tempo

101+ Read Game Plays by Keith Grabowski  iPad   More Info 

RPO by Brent Eckley  iPad   More Info

Marrying Stick and Zone Bubble by Ian Formaz  iPad   iPhone  Google Play  more info

Quick Rhythm Option Routes by Josh Herring (includes section on RPO) iPad   More Info

Here are other resources on RPO:

The Play Option Pass

Pop Pays and the Pro Style Offense

Tom Hermann Run Pass Combinations

Downfield Passes as the Pitch Phase of Read-Option

Packaged Plays and the newest form of option football

Evolution of the East Coast Offense – Run/Pass Option

Brandon Weeden Stick/Draw

Run Pass Chess Game

Philadelphia Eagles RPO

Kelly/Foles RPO

Seahawks RPO

RPO from Stack Receiver Sets

I’m always looking to share more.  Email grabkj@gmail.com or use the comments section to post other links.

Be rewarded for your KNOWLEDGE and your NETWORK

We’ve spent the last year at Coaches Edge really figuring out what coaches want and how they want it.

In the coming weeks we will have some exciting announcements and releases.  In the mean time, we are increasing our efforts to find coaches who have a desire to help others learn this game.

Coaches work hard at developing their knowledge and a network that allows them to continue to grow in this profession.  We want to reward coaches for both.  We have found a way to do it better and be sure that the coaches we bring onto our team are rewarded.

If you possess those two valuable assets, we can help you build a brand of your own within our model.

Read about Coaches Edge in American Football Monthly here & the Wall Street Journal here.  See our website here.

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American Football Monthly-Multi Media Educator


by: John Gallup
Editor and Publisher
© Vol I 2015

For many years, the pages of AFM and coaching clinics were the primary ways a football coach would learn about new techniques, schemes or systems that were being used by other coaches.

That’s all changed with the Internet. Today there are multiple ‘platforms’ available to any coach that wants to share his knowledge and opinions with the coaching community. You can turn to dozens of football websites and find volumes of opinions and ideas on every topic imaginable.

Not many are as well researched and written as those by Keith Grabowski, former offensive coordinator at Baldwin Wallace University and longtime contributor to AFM.

Grabowski has embraced all modern forms of communication as means of delivering his unique insights on offensive football to coaches everywhere. What sets him apart is the quality of his content, much of which is enhanced with corresponding video. The end result is some of the most comprehensive football educational information available anywhere.

Not many writers have contributed more content to AFM in recent years than Keith. He is entering his fourth year as author of AFM’s popular “Managing Your Program” column, where he advises coaches about a wide variety of off-the-field issues. He has written several feature articles and contributed to others such as this issue’s cover story about offensive game planning.

Grabowski is perhaps the most prolific blogger in football. His personal coaching blog “Coach and Coordinator” is an extensive collection of educational posts and helpful coaching links. His regular posts on AmericanFootballMonthly.com are highly detailed and informative and often accompanied by video highlights. He is also a featured blogger for USA Football.

Keith has produced seven popular DVDs on offense with AFM Videos. He has also published several ibooks. He collaborated with AFM on the Coaches Edge game planning system available on AmericanFootballMonthly.com. Naturally, he uses Facebook and Twitter to communicate with his growing list of football followers.

As if his resume isn’t already full enough, he is embarking on a major new project with AFM that will be officially announced shortly. It’s the ultimate educational resource for current or future offensive coordinators – a complete 12-week curriculum on how to be a successful OC, offered online as part of the new AFM University educational service. Watch for more information soon on AmericanFootballMonthly.com, our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

For now, you can keep up with Keith Grabowski, or try to, at AmericanFootballMonthly.com.

John Gallup
Editor & Publisher

Do you understand how you spend your time?

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I discovered another piece of technology that creates efficiency for the coach as well as provides valuable data to analyze how you practice.  Creating a practice plan is nothing revolutionary.  Whether it is with tables in a word document or on an excel spread sheet, laying out a well organized practice is easily accomplished, but do you have a full understanding of how you are spending your time?  Does it match up with what you need to get done on game day?  Having a tool to help analyze practice time can be very valuable to a coaching staff.

For example, if you are struggling with execution of screens, it’s easy to pull up how much time you have allotted to work on screens over the previous week.  That data can be utilized to determine if you need to make adjustments in time, practice methods, teaching or a combination of those.

If you want to understand your practice habits better and be able to see how your planning comes together moving forward, Practice Planner Live is worth a look.  Check them out here:  http://www.practiceplannerlive.com.

More information on great technology coaching tools will be available in my book Coaching HD.

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Josh Herring “Squeeze” Concept

Herring Squeeze Cover.001

Get it for your iPad or Mac here.

Winner of the free download is Demiko Suggs

I continued to be impressed with Josh Herring’s ability to teach and coach offense.  The concepts he has shared on the Coaches Edge Technologies platforms have been full of detail.  This Quick Hitter on the “Squeeze” concept is no exception.  Coach Herring delivers a sound explanation of how this concept works in his text,  diagrams and tutorial videos which total over 40 minutes.  He follows it up with 72 cut-ups for the coach to review and develop his own understanding.  This Quick Hitter explaining a simple quick passing game concept gives the coach reading this manual every aspect he needs to incorporate it into his own offense.

Here’s a brief overview from Coach Herring of this concept:

Squeeze is made up of two routes:  Win and Squeeze.  The Win route is basically a seam route in which the receiver must “win” inside of the hole player.  You can think of the Squeeze as a 5 yard flat slant or mini dig, whichever verbiage you prefer.

It has been an incredibly consistent pass pattern for us for years.  It is our most common quick game pattern.   We feel it can be incorporated into any offensive system with ease.  There are a number of advantages that the pattern provides us and very few disadvantages.  As long as your offense contains a formation with two deployed receivers to a side, you can run the play.  Squeeze is high percentage and enables the ball to come out fast.  We once completed a ball in a playoff game in which our left tackle busted a protection and a defensive end came completely free and untouched right at our quarterback.  The ball was out before he got there.  The read for the quarterback is extremely simple.  We teach the play in our program even at the 4th grade level and even a 4th grade QB can make the correct read.

Get More Josh Herring & his Rapid Precision Offense:

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Explosive Offense:  Manufacturing Vertical Shots iPad  More Info

RPO logo.001

Quick Rhythm Option Routes iPad   More Info

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Here’s the free 15 Personnel Power Package F.A.S.T. Manual:

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At Coaches Edge Technologies, we are revolutionizing the coaching education market by producing information on a cutting edge platform. We do not want our innovation to stop there.  In today’s information age, being able to find answers and ideas and then incorporate those into an existing system is of paramount importance. In order to aid coaches in finding detailed and relevant information, we continue to create a distinguished product line.  We continue to produce our author series manuals.  This type of product has been the standard in coaching education for many years, but our new, state-of-the-art, digitally enhanced format provides a more thorough, easy-to-understand analysis of how systems, concepts, and new ideas can be successfully incorporated.  The Coaches Edge Author Series Manuals provide an unrivaled amount of content for a coach to study. At Coaches Edge we realize that coaches need a different way to find, consume and interact with information.  Coaches must be able to get detailed answers that cut to the core of what makes the answers successful.  Therefore, we created two product lines that enable a coach to tailor his research.  The F.A.S.T. Manual and the Quick Hitterprovide a new and more relevant way for coaches to interact with coaching info. The F.A.S.T. (Focused Attack Strategies and Tactics) Manual Series goes beyond teaching the concept to presenting the application of strategies and tactics.  Understanding a concept is one thing.  Being able to experience a coach’s though process in using his system is another.  This type of information is not only useful in off season research, it provides a coach an easily consumed piece for week to week research and review of tactics that his team may need to use during the season. For example, if it’s a certain formation against a certain defense, or a specific blitz scheme against a pass protection, our library can provide the answers. The Quick Hitter Series provides the coach with ideas on a single focused topic.  This might be a certain route, run concept, defensive pressure, special teams scheme, or in-game procedure or tempo. Though the amount of content presented is equivalent to a chapter from an author series manual, the depth and detail remain. Coaches Edge is committed to utilizing innovative ways to provide coaches the interaction they need to assimilate ideas into their coaching. F.A.S.T. Manual: 15 Personnel Power Package “15” meaning 5 TE (and h-back type), 1 running back (the wildcat) are utilized to create an effective short yardage and goal line package as well as a nice open field change-up. The coaches thought process in analyzing strengths and weaknesses, planning for adjustments and creating opportunities is shared in text and video.  Application of the plan is illustrated with multi-angle game footage and voice over analysis and telestration.  All raw cut-ups are included for the readers own review and study.

Formaz cover Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 9.03.51 AM

Quick Hitters:  Information on one specific topic. $5.99

The Quick Hitter allows a coach to find information on a very narrow topic.  The coaches sharing this topic still provide great detail.  The Quick Hitters will be valuable tools for a coach looking for specific ideas.  This type of information is useful both the off season as well as during the season.  As we build our library, we will incorporate a cutting edge search tool allowing a coach to get the exact resource he needs to solve a problem or improve a certain aspect of his own system.  The Quick Hitter gives you the critical information you need right now.

Marrying Stick and Zone Bubble (an RPO) iPad   iPhone  Google Play  more info

Something to Hang Your Hat on Inside Zone  iPad  more info

101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays:  Play Action iPad iPhone More Info

101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays: Pin & Pull Sweep iPad More Info

The Zone Offense-Define the System and Build the Foundation  iPad more info

The Zone Offense-Develop the Fundamentals  iPad more info

The Zone Offense-Structure a Starting Point and Develop Coaching Methods  iPad more info

Author Series 

The Author Series presents volumes of work by our coaches. This is where you will get very detailed information designed to allow you to master the material and utilize it within your own system.  Our coaches back hours of video, hundreds of diagrams, interactive presentations, diagrams, and of course text into each manual.  If there is an idea you want to implement, these manuals give you what you need

Herring Snippet Covers.001

Explosive Offense:  Manufacturing Vertical Shots iPad  More Info

RPO logo.001

Quick Rhythm Option Routes iPad   More Info

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 6.33.43 AM

101+ Read Game Plays    iPad   More Info 

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 3.55.53 PM

Targeted Attack:  Using Tempo As a Weapon  iPad   More Info

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.32.18 PM

RPO (Run Pass Option)  iPad   More Info

The Blue Print   iPad   Google Play   More Info

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 4.27.00 PM

The Need for Change  iPad   IPhone  Google Play   More Info

Renner Kicking Cover

Core Drills For Developing Football Kicking Skill  iPad   More Info

zone offese

The Zone Offense:  Create a Structured System  iPad   More Info 


101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays  iPad   More Info

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Pass Protection from No TE Formations  iPad

Do you have a desire to share your football knowledge with other coaches?  Do you want to help our great game while earning a supplemental income?  Contact Keith Grabowski for more information. grabkj@gmail.com. (440)856-9038