Are you being compensated for sharing your football knowledge?

Do you write clinic reports and pass them along for free?  Are you answering questionnaires and sending along your diagrams and video without compensation?  If so why?

There are coaches who want to learn from you if you have great information to share.  At Coaches Edge Technologies we have a plan to help you develop yourself as a writer, speaker, and consultant.

We have new and innovative ways in which we are presenting your material.  This is more than putting video together with texts and diagrams.  I realize we have been copied, in fact I have a another coaching education company’s “how-to which” is exactly the one I put together.  The example they use is a Coaches Edge product!  Don’t be fooled by what they are trying to do.

10% isn’t enough either!

Other companies are taking the idea of using the iBook platform and publishing coaches education materials.  They will offer you 10%.  We can do better because we view this as a partnership with our coaches.  Don’t be so quick to book that trip to produce your materials.  Sure, you’ll get the free trip but also 10% royalty.  Is your stuff worth just hundreds, or do you want to find a way to turn it into great supplemental income?

Some companies are building their platform on free information provided by coaches.  10% is enough and free just isn’t acceptable.  You and the knowledge which you have sacrificed time and money to package together into your own system are worth more.

I’ve pioneered the use of this platform and can do it better than the rest.  The mission is to help coaches on both sides.  Give better, more detailed material to coaches looking to learn, and reward better than anyone in the industry.

Here’s how we develop our coaches:

1. Simple formats for sharing small yet focused and detailed concepts, strategies, and techniques. See Quick Hitter and F.A.S.T Manuals.  Not comfortable writing?  We are now utilizing on demand video as well.

2.  We help you expand your portfolio and offer a range of solutions for coaches.

3.  We help you develop your brand into a series.

4.  We utilize an “On demand” consulting platform for you to interact and share even more.

5.  Do you have a great network and the capability to bring other great coaches into our system?  We reward you for that too!


Contact me:

Keith Grabowski



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