“On Demand Consulting” with Coach Grabowski

Keith Grabowski “On Demand” Consulting

Unlike a clinic that is created for a general audience, the information shared in our “on demand” consulting system will be specific to what you are doing.  The process includes creating an objective for the consultation, sharing information about your program, and a customized presentation and materials for your program.

Below is a list of topics for on demand consulting.  I will be utilizing a cutting edge platform to present and interact with you and your staff. You can have your staff together in one place, or they can all work remotely during our interaction.  We want this to be an efficient process that works best for you and your staff.

Each topic can be tailored to fit your program.  I will provide customized materials (diagrams, concept sheets, cut-ups, etc) for you to implement the ideas in your program.  This is not a webinar format, while there is a presentation phase to each topic, we will work together to customize these ideas to fit into your program.

If you are interested in this or any topic, please contact me at coachesedgetechnologies@gmail.com  or call or text (440) 856-9038 and we can arrange for a private clinic, consultation, or in-depth analysis of any phase of your offense or program. Special pricing for consulting packages on multiple topics is available.

Run Game

Creating a multiple concept with inside zone scheme

Creating a multiple concept with the Power scheme

Creating a multiple concept with the Counter scheme

Creating a multiple concept with the Pin and Pull Sweep

Quarterback Run Concepts including Power Read

Utilizing Motion Sweeps to Enhance your current running game

Passing Game

Attack with a multiple quick passing game

Implementing the Four Vertical Concept in any offense

Implementing a horizontal spacing concept in any offense

Utilizing Tags within your concepts to attack multiple coverages

How to Create Multiple Pass Concepts


Utilizing Tempo as a Weapon


Implementing Run Pass Options

Creating and Practicing a Third Down Package

Creating and Practicing a Red Zone Package

Manufacturing Big Plays with Down Field Passing and and “Trick” Plays


Preparing  and Evaluating Your #1 quarterback and back-ups

Utilizing the big skill positions (Tight ends, H-Backs, Fullbacks)

Maximizing and Utilizing the skills your receivers at each position (inside, outside, singled up)

Creating Running Backs with Great Vision and Footwork

Keeping it Simple for Offensive Line Success (build your offense around your interior 5)

Packaging and strategies for a “wildcat quarterback”

System Analysis

Offensive Quality Control – Determining What Works and What Needs Work

Analysis of Your Current Offense

Setting up your system for evolving personnel and scheme needs

Implementing  all your clinic research and ideas into your offense


Putting Together and Practicing  Game Plan

Planning and Practicing Goal Line Offense

Organizing a practicing special teams

Creating Look-a-like packages to exploit defensive reaction

Utilizing the read game to attack across the entire front and exploiting the voids behind

Tying your Runs to your passes

Attacking ____ Defensive Strategies (you name the defense, coverage, or stunt)

How to Add Wrinkles Over the Course of the Season

Utilizing Personnel, Formations, and Motions to Create a Multiple Attack

Program Development

Implementing Flipped Coaching in Your Program to Maximize Coaching Time

Strategic Planning for your Football Program (a year-round and long term plan for the success of your program)

Analysis of your program and a strategic plan

Program Analysis and Plans


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