TwitterChatCard-EdgeCLEVELAND, OH – Today, Coaches Edge Technologies and #Edgefbchat announced an advertising partnership with GoRout. GoRout is a wearable display technology solution that simplifies on-field communication for players and coaches during practice. The long term agreement has secured placement as the company’s official twitter chat sponsor.

Coaches Edge Technologies Founder Keith Grabowski said, “We are excited to partner with an innovative company like GoRout.  They have taken the lead on helping coaches to create a better practice with wearable technology. GoRout is at the forefront of a technological boom in the sports industry.  We look forward to working with GoRout to help coaches teach their players with cutting edge coaching information and tools.”

GoRout’s wearable display technology, gives coaches the most effective way to communicate with players on the field in real-time during practice.  With their digital whiteboard scripting, coaches can instantly make adjustments to plays, organize scout team looks, and send in pin point coaching notes to all 22 players instantly with a single push of a button. Each wearable display unit is military-grade and comes shockproof, dust-proof, and water resistant.  Each unit is also focused on an individual position, so every player can see their specific play responsibility, notes, and keys.  GoRout’s system is also completely compatible with many existing playbook technologies.

“We are very excited to be partnered with Coaches Edge Technologies and the #Edgefbchat. We both share a deep commitment to player and coach education, and as a company, we want to be partnered with organizations that share that same value structure.  We are fiercely focused on helping both players and coaches communicate, teach, and most importantly, execute in a fast, effective manor. Our wearable display’s help teams increase production by more than 25% at practice while reducing wasted activities like play card creation and huddling.  We’re now providing coaches with a level of flexibility they’ve never had at practice, and our technology now allows coaches to start coaching their 21st century players with 21st century tools on the field.”-Mike Rolih, Founder-GoRout, Rochester – MN.

About GoRout

GoRout is a sports innovation company that designs software and military-grade hardware products to help high school, college, and professional football teams practice perfect. GoRout is incubated at the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator in Rochester, Minnesota.

Learn more at www.gorout.com, and follow them on Twitter @Go_Rout.


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