6/4 #Edgefbchat guest host Nick Restifo of Cleveland St. Ignatius

Saint Ignatius Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach Nick Restifo is a walking encyclopedia of offensive football. With Coach Restifo guiding the offense St. Ignatius has won 11 state championships and two USA Today national championships. 

15 Wildcat quarterbacks have earned All-Ohio honors during his tenure, and four of his quarterbacks went on to play in the NFL. 

We are excited to have Coach Restifo guest host the #Edgefbchat on June 4th at 8pm CST/9pm EST. 


TwitterChatCard-EdgeCLEVELAND, OH – Today, Coaches Edge Technologies and #Edgefbchat announced an advertising partnership with GoRout. GoRout is a wearable display technology solution that simplifies on-field communication for players and coaches during practice. The long term agreement has secured placement as the company’s official twitter chat sponsor.

Coaches Edge Technologies Founder Keith Grabowski said, “We are excited to partner with an innovative company like GoRout.  They have taken the lead on helping coaches to create a better practice with wearable technology. GoRout is at the forefront of a technological boom in the sports industry.  We look forward to working with GoRout to help coaches teach their players with cutting edge coaching information and tools.”

GoRout’s wearable display technology, gives coaches the most effective way to communicate with players on the field in real-time during practice.  With their digital whiteboard scripting, coaches can instantly make adjustments to plays, organize scout team looks, and send in pin point coaching notes to all 22 players instantly with a single push of a button. Each wearable display unit is military-grade and comes shockproof, dust-proof, and water resistant.  Each unit is also focused on an individual position, so every player can see their specific play responsibility, notes, and keys.  GoRout’s system is also completely compatible with many existing playbook technologies.

“We are very excited to be partnered with Coaches Edge Technologies and the #Edgefbchat. We both share a deep commitment to player and coach education, and as a company, we want to be partnered with organizations that share that same value structure.  We are fiercely focused on helping both players and coaches communicate, teach, and most importantly, execute in a fast, effective manor. Our wearable display’s help teams increase production by more than 25% at practice while reducing wasted activities like play card creation and huddling.  We’re now providing coaches with a level of flexibility they’ve never had at practice, and our technology now allows coaches to start coaching their 21st century players with 21st century tools on the field.”-Mike Rolih, Founder-GoRout, Rochester – MN.

About GoRout

GoRout is a sports innovation company that designs software and military-grade hardware products to help high school, college, and professional football teams practice perfect. GoRout is incubated at the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator in Rochester, Minnesota.

Learn more at www.gorout.com, and follow them on Twitter @Go_Rout.


#Edgefbchat 5/28 8pm CST Head Coach Mike Hallett

TwitterChatCard-EdgeScreen Shot 2015-05-21 at 2.10.38 PM

We are excited to have @coachhallett Coach Hallet guest host the #Edgefbchat on May 28th from 8pm-9pm CST.

Over the past 4 years Coach Hallett has had one of the most consistent, top producing offenses in the country.  Over the past four seasons Heidelberg really moves the ball, totaling nearly 11.5 miles of offense.  Over that span they have averaged 492.3 yards of offense per game including averaging 532.5 yards per game in 2014.

Coach Hallet lists the following keys to their success:

  1. Utilizing a strong running game
  2. Having a great decision maker at QB
  3. Changing launch points for QB in passing game,
  4. Always thinking about the OL when game planning
  5. Practicing faster than we will ever play (Tempo)

Coach Hallet will answer questions on the keys to the Heidelberg offense.

I know Coach Hallett personally as well as having faced him as an opponent.  He is a great football mind and coach.  He has excelled in turning Heidelberg into one of the top teams in one of the toughest conferences in Division III.  He is a coach whose mind you will definitely want to pick on the #Edgefbchat.

Heidelberg Stats 2011-2014:


Rank Team G W-L Plays YDS Yds/Play Off TDs TDs YPG
4 Heidelberg 10 8-2 681 5,325 7.82 57 61 532.5


6 Heidelberg 10 679 5,108 7.52 63 67 510.8


Rank Name Games Plays Yds Avg TDs Ydspgm Wins Losses Ties
#19 Heidelberg 11 800 5178 6.47 57 470.73 9 2 0


13 Heidelberg 10 712 4572 6.42 47 457.20 8 2 0

#Edgefbchat with guest host Josh Herring


On USA Football:  Josh Herring’s Squeeze Concept:  Use fin and win routes at any level for high-percentage, quick passes

The quick game has become standard for most offenses. The hitch, slant, quick out and fade routes are a part of many teams’ three-step package. A variation that can be used in place of the slant route is a 5-yard in, which some teams refer to as “fin.”

Offensive coordinator Josh Herring of Lassiter High School in Georgia has made this route a staple in his offense and has found consistent success. Herring calls the base concept “squeeze” because the QB reads whether or not the defender squeezes the inside route. The play produced 8.1 yards per call and was completed at a 67 percent rate in 2013. In 2014, those numbers were 10.0 yards at 59 percent.

Herring believes the route provides many benefits…read more

Josh Herring will be our guest host on #Edgefbchat tonight (Thursday 5/21) at 8pm Central Standard Time (9EST).

Coach Herring’s digitally enhanced books are loaded with details and videos.  Learn more and get them here:

I continued to be impressed with Josh Herring’s ability to teach and coach offense.  The concepts he has shared on the Coaches Edge Technologies platforms have been full of detail.  This Quick Hitter on the “Squeeze” concept is no exception.  Coach Herring delivers a sound explanation of how this concept works in his text,  diagrams and tutorial videos which total over 40 minutes.  He follows it up with 72 cut-ups for the coach to review and develop his own understanding.  This Quick Hitter explaining a simple quick passing game concept gives the coach reading this manual every aspect he needs to incorporate it into his own offense.

Here’s a brief overview from Coach Herring of this concept:

Squeeze is made up of two routes:  Win and Squeeze.  The Win route is basically a seam route in which the receiver must “win” inside of the hole player.  You can think of the Squeeze as a 5 yard flat slant or mini dig, whichever verbiage you prefer.

It has been an incredibly consistent pass pattern for us for years.  It is our most common quick game pattern.   We feel it can be incorporated into any offensive system with ease.  There are a number of advantages that the pattern provides us and very few disadvantages.  As long as your offense contains a formation with two deployed receivers to a side, you can run the play.  Squeeze is high percentage and enables the ball to come out fast.  We once completed a ball in a playoff game in which our left tackle busted a protection and a defensive end came completely free and untouched right at our quarterback.  The ball was out before he got there.  The read for the quarterback is extremely simple.  We teach the play in our program even at the 4th grade level and even a 4th grade QB can make the correct read.

Get More Josh Herring & his Rapid Precision Offense:

Herring Squeeze Cover.001

Get it for your iPad or Mac here.

Herring Snippet Covers.001

Explosive Offense:  Manufacturing Vertical Shots iPad  More Info

RPO logo.001

Quick Rhythm Option Routes iPad   More Info

Show, don’t tell

“Show, don’t tell” is a basic method of writing taught in language arts classes. The idea is that the writer creates a picture in the reader’s mind.

Coaches should operate the exact same way.

A coach’s instructions should paint a vivid picture in the athletes’ minds. That can be accomplished with a few simple coaching strategies as well as with tools provided by technology….read more


Brain training for defense

The quarterback position grabs the spotlight when it comes to virtual reality training in football. The fact of the matter is that every position can benefit from this technology. I would venture to bet that if you set up a “brain training lab” with a VR simulator, you would be able to fill the schedule with players ready to learn and practice in virtual reality simulations. 

Football is a game of patterns of movement. While technically there’s a seemingly infinite number of possibilities, the number of patterns each position needs to develop visual acuity for is truly limited. For example, a middle linebacker is responsible for diagnosing the blocking scheme and either fitting the run or getting into his pass drop. Taking a typical running attack, the linebacker would need to recognize and fit power to, power away, counter to, counter away, inside zone to, inside zone away, lead to, lead away, sweep to and sweep away, pass protection, and of course any play action off of those runs. On plays diagnosed as pass, the linebacker might need to drop to defend a seam, a drag, a spot, and a shallow route. That’s still a lot on his plate as far as recognition, but it is a limited set of possibilities. 

Practice over the course of the week might allow him to see 8-10 live repetitions of each possibility. Over the course of the season there is certainly a cumulative effect on learning. How can the learning and visual recognition be accelerated?  The answer lies in virtual reality simulation. 

Putting these plays into a VR simulator, the player can go through a weeks worth of practice reps in minutes. He can get all of his pre snap recognition work and calls or checks made as well as being able to see the play develop and see where he is supposed to fit or drop. No, he is not hitting or working block protection, but that’s not the point. He is training his brain to play faster so that the physical skills and fundamentals learned on the field can be performed at a fast pace on the field. To put it plainly, brain training enhances the players’ ability to play fast. 

Eon Sports VR has just released a VR quarterback trainer. However, they do have packages that allow the coach to create simulations for every position. 

Check out what they have to offer here:


Why Brain Training Matters

For the time being, let’s set aside the concussion issue and how virtual reality puts the athlete in a zero impact environment.  This is certainly a benefit of using virtual reality in training.  However, the discussion on protecting the brain overshadows the benefits of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) in training the brain.

Before the argument turns into which is better – live video or video gam-like simulations, realize that training the brain to track and focus multiple targets as simple as blobs on the  screen has a positive effect on an athlete.

In the video below, you will see orange spheres being used in a VR simulation designed to improve cognitive-perceptual performance:

All great athletes know that to be very efficient, they cannot rely solely on their physical abilities. The speed and effectiveness of their decision-making are essential. Two researchers at the School of Optometry, University of Montreal have discovered that by training the high performance athlete brain with perceptual-cognitive task in a virtual reality environment, they managed to increase by 53% in the average cognitive-perceptual performance of athletes. Conducted by the postdoctoral fellow David Tinjust and professor Jocelyn Faubert, holder of the NSERC-Essilor research Chair, this research has been conducted at the Laboratory of Psychophysics and Visual Perception at the Universite de Montreal.

The point is, it is really about the protocol as much as it is the immersion.  Yes a fully immersive simulation is more realistic, but it doesn’t necessarily take every single element or something that looks 100% life like to make an impact on the athletes vision and decision making.

Football is a game of patterns.  It starts with the players in a static alignment, and when the ball is snapped a truly finite number of movement patterns happen in front of the athlete.  For the athlete to see what he needs and make quick accurate decisions, he needs to be trained in those patterns of movements. Unfortunately, a limited number of on field repetitions are available.  It becomes even more limited for the second or third teamer.  So how does the player get the training he needs?  The answer is in the technology that trains the brain.  It takes a lot of time to set up all 22 players and run play repetitions.  With virtual reality an entire practice can be simulated in minutes.

In an article in the upcoming issue of American Football Monthly I highlight EON Sports VR, STVIR Labs, Axon Sports, and Dynavision.  Each does things differently in terms of how they train the brain and the technology that they utilize.  The one aspect of each that is consistent is that their products are proven to enhance the ability of the brain to function and help the athlete to perform in the football environment.

I promise you if you are not looking into how you can utilize brain training and these companies to train your athletes, you will be.  Here’s one way to get started:



I include an in-depth section in my soon to be released book Coaching HD on the new Coaches Edge Technology platform.  Stay tuned for news and announcements. In the mean time, check out our library here.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.30.29 AM

Be empowered not acquired

Coaches – 

If you have done a good job, inevitably you will be contacted by someone with an odd title like “author acquisitions.”  You may be sweet talked.  You may be promised a vacation across the country to shoot a video. At the end of the day though, what will they put in your pocket?

We  are not looking to acquire your your intellectual property.  We would like to partner with you to find innovative ways to share your knowledge and make this great game better. In the process we would like to help you earn  meaningful compensation for doing it.

At Coaches Edge we value of the ideas that you have researched and developed over the years. We want to empower you to share your knowledge with the coaching community by developing you as an author, presenter, and consultant while being fairly compensated. 

We have prepared our company to lead the way. We are looking for the best coaches with the best content, and we are ready to offer a truly cutting edge platform for coaches who are ready to learn the game like never before. 

We have some huge announcements coming soon from Coaches Edge Technologies.  Our mission is to create the most detailed coaching information on the market and reward the coaches who do it.  If you are interested in joining our team, please contact me at 440-856-9038 or grabkj@gmail.com

Opposing ideas in these articles: Best rated helmet ever vs. lose the hard shell helmet

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 4.02.12 AM

Former NFL player Dhani Jones is in favor of removing the helmet for safety.

In the article Jones said,

“We need to take the hard-shell helmets off. We could replace them with throwback leather helmets, which everyone understands provide limited protection. But we need to eliminate the idea that I’m in a cage, you’re in a cage, and we can go at each other because we’re indestructible.”

At the same time, Schutt has introduced the best tested helmet in history.

Pete Carroll has come up with a tackling system that many are embracing.

Pete Carroll’s “Heads Out” Tackling – A Must See For Coaches

National Champion Buckeyes embraced Pete Carroll’s “Hawk Tackle” techniques in 2014, and it paid huge dividends

Chris Ash OSU Co-Defensive Coordinator:

“We changed our tackling philosophy, partly because Pete Carroll’s video inspired us to go back and really evaluate ourselves,” Ash told reporters this past week. “When we did evaluate ourselves, we found out that what we were coaching wasn’t showing up on film.”

“I’m so glad that I did watch that video when I did, and we went through as a staff and did that self-evaluation when we did, because I feel today that after 18 years of coaching, I taught something that actually shows up on tape and is safer for the players.”

“It eliminated some injuries,” said Ash. “But it also was a lot more effective. And I can tell you honestly right now, as a coach, I could go show you our film and what we teach, what we coach, what we drill and guess what? It shows up on film,” Ash said. “Not once, not twice, not by luck but by design. Our players have bought into it and that alone, in my opinion, led to us having a lot of success, especially late in the season.”

Pete Carroll Teaches Heads Up Tackling the Seattle Seahawks’ Way

“It gave the answer,” said John Madden, co-chair of the NFL Player Safety Advisory Panel. “We take the head out and you put the shoulder and the arms and the techniques and the drills in.”

Erik Swartz leads innovative research to reduce head injuries in football.
“Our primary goal is to reduce head and neck injuries in football,” says Swartz, a professor in the athletic training option of the kinesiology department. “It sounds simple, but if there isn’t contact to the head, there won’t be a head injury.”
Coaches Edge Technologies