Linebacker Downhill Shuffle Drill

This post is by Mike Passerrello. Mike was on my coaching staff at two different high schools and he has coached at the college level as well. Mike is a great defensive mind. His bio is below:

Head Coach Firelands High School 2011-Present
2011 First Time in School History Playoff Qualifier
First 10-0 Regular Season since 1973
Conference Coach of the Year
County Coach of the Year
Division 3 Northeast Ohio Coach of the Year
Broke 35 Offensive, Defensive and Special Teams Records since 2011
First time in 14 years Firelands has won 3 game or more in consecutive years

Downhill Shuffle Drill
One of our number one linebacker drills is what we call the “Downhill Shuffle Drill”. It is a great drill to use from summer until the end of the season. The basics are explained in the next slide but as the season goes on the variations are endless. Depending on what we will be facing from our opponents I am able to add a variation into this drill to better prepare the players for Friday night. In the past few years I have been able to add up to 15 different variations to this drill but to maximize our practice time the players know when I say, “Downhill Shuffle Drill” they line up and are ready to go waiting to see if we are doing the drill or adding something new to it.


Variations of the Downhill Shuffle Drill

1. When Coach blows whistle the LB and RB will turn up field and it turns into an eye opener drill.

2. When Coach blows whistle the LB and RB (now is a FB) will turn up field and it turns into an Iso Drill

3. After the second cone the RB as the ability to try and cut back on the LB. The LB must fill and make a great open field tackle

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the different variations of the drill you can contact me at