Dictate to the Defense

Dan Gonzalez Webinar Part 1


I’ve always had a problem with “take what the defense gives you”.  We must realize that the defense wants you to be conservative, so they don’t have to defend the whole field. Study will show that champions don’t use numbers in the box as a means to run or not to run (or pass or not to pass). Championship teams attack with their strengths and do not let others deter them. – Dan Gonzalez

Coach Gonzalez’s webinar is set for February 10th at 8:30pm EST.  This webinar is loaded with information and sound concepts for attacking and dictating to a defense.  Gonzalez has a great football mind.  He has utilized his talent to help a number of high schools around the country reach their full potential on offense.  While his ideas may seem complex, he presents it in an easily understood format.  You will not be disappointed by this webinar.

Webinar is available live as scheduled.  If you are unable to sit in on the live event, you will be able to purchase the recording.

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Email me grabkj@gmail.com.  Put “Gonzalez” in the subject line. Upon your registration you will receive a code for A Coaching Arsenal iBook and be entered in a drawing to win 5 Coaches Edge current or future titles of your choice.