New on AFM – Maximizing Practice Time – Receivers/QB

Getting more from less – creating drills to maximize practice time – receivers/quarterbacks
We constantly look to find efficiency in how we drill and practice. After initial teaching and installation, our drills move from working single skills to working multiple skills in order to get the most from the time we have available. Even in situations where we are trying to fix a recurring problem we saw on film, we will work other skills within the remedy drill, though the emphasis will be on fixing the problem.
I’ve been filming practice since my first high school head coaching job in 2000. At the time we did not have an editing system, but we were able to pull film clips and show our players when needed. For the most part, that film was for the coaches to evaluate how well we were teaching and getting the execution we needed from our players. We were able to see where we still needed to improve and design our practices accordingly. Today’s technology allows us to do much more in terms of not only using that film and information with our coaching staff, but also allows our players to view video of practice even immediately after a play. Here is an example of what can be done on the field to give immediate feedback to players. I am positive that this type of use of technology that can be seen in the video below from the University of Nebraska will be something that continues to grow within coaching.

If you have an iPad available, filming some of your individuals drills and showing a player right there on the field can give him both the feedback and the instruction he needs to execute a skill properly. An injured player, student manager, or even you as the coach can target a player or two, or you can film a drill and show exactly what you are looking for during a water break. There are many possibilities of what can be done to improve performance with immediate feedback. This is something we will be incorporating in camp and throughout the 2003 season. I will be sure to report back on what we found to be valuable teaching methods.
One tool that each coach has is a basic drill record. This is a list of skills and accompanying drills that each position is required to perform in our offense. The skill list record gives our coaches a visual of what their individual position is required to perform, and the frequency with which they have practiced it. It allows them to see the last time the skill was worked. As the coach modifies or combines drills to work more of these skills, he can check off more boxes on the drill record….more on AFM

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When it Shows up on Film: WR Comeback

Special thanks to our O-Line coach, Tony Neymeiyer for showing me this clip from “The Karate Kid.” Mr. Miyagi understands the importance of drills. Coach Neymeiyer shared this with his players to make the point that everything they do is for a purpose. Everything they practice will show up on the field.

This week’s installment highlights a drill we use with our players to teach and reinforce proper toe-knee-chin alignment, referred to by Dub Maddox as “zero position.” In this drill the receivers work through each hole in the ladder focusing an getting to that zero position and then breaking back down hill at the top of the ladder.

The second phase of this drill involves everything that the first does, but we add a catch at the end as they break back down hill. The only thing I would like to see adjusted in the drill is where the thrower is placed. I’d like to see him throwing from right next to the ladder so that the spot they are training their eyes to get to is inside like it will be in an actual play.

Here is the game application of the comeback by the same player that is in the drill.

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