RPO (Run-Pass Option) Resources

It’s been a while since I posted a resource page, so here are my articles on RPO as well as other resources I have found on the internet.

Here’s what I have written on RPO:

My first resource page on RPO/Read Game –  Packaged Plays Resources

Pop Pass

Combining two concepts into one for a more dynamic play

Musical Chairs: Packaged Plays and the Evolution of “Option” Football 

The Total Package – I contributed to this article by Chris Brown

The Stick Draw Concept

Two-in-One Plays and Tempo

101+ Read Game Plays by Keith Grabowski  iPad   More Info 

RPO by Brent Eckley  iPad   More Info

Marrying Stick and Zone Bubble by Ian Formaz  iPad   iPhone  Google Play  more info

Quick Rhythm Option Routes by Josh Herring (includes section on RPO) iPad   More Info

Here are other resources on RPO:

The Play Option Pass

Pop Pays and the Pro Style Offense

Tom Hermann Run Pass Combinations

Downfield Passes as the Pitch Phase of Read-Option

Packaged Plays and the newest form of option football

Evolution of the East Coast Offense – Run/Pass Option

Brandon Weeden Stick/Draw

Run Pass Chess Game

Philadelphia Eagles RPO

Kelly/Foles RPO

Seahawks RPO

RPO from Stack Receiver Sets

I’m always looking to share more.  Email grabkj@gmail.com or use the comments section to post other links.