Another Quick Hitter: Inside Zone

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Something to Hang Your Hat On:  Inside Zone by Justin Iske

Justin Iske shares the details of their inside zone play including diagrams against different fronts and variations to make the play very multiple.  Everyday drills are shared in video.  Plays are telestrated on video with coaching points and assignments.

The detail that Coach Iske puts into this Coaches Edge Technologies Quick Hitter allows a coach to have the information he needs to install this play.

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Our other Quick Hitter:

Formaz cover

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Our first Quick Hitter comes from the Co-Offensive Coordinators at Ohio Wesleyan University.  Their concept of pairing zone read bubble with stick and reading a second level defender proved to be a successful way to utilize their non-mobile quarterback.  Formaz and Ward share the details of their concept and include 16 multi-angle game cut-ups to illustrate the multiple options within this play.