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Football Play CardAs football coaches, we always have a sense of urgency to get things done.  This is especially true during the season when things can’t wait until tomorrow because there is the huge test we are presented with at the end of the week.  We must find ways to maximize our efficiency and effectiveness.  The technology becoming available to us allows us to spend less time on the tedious but necessary tasks.  One of those tasks is drawing up scout cards.  As a small college coach, that was anywhere from 1.5-2 hours a day with the help of two other assistants so we could put together an organized binder of play cards that allowed us to get the scout team aligned quickly and simulate the opponent’s defense.  Our defensive staff was doing the same thing.  Many man hours are poured into creating an effective practice.

I was very excited to come across Football Play Card.  What they have developed cuts down the scout card portion of preparation to minutes, not hours.  The use of saved templates and the creation of a scout card database will soon allow you to draw 20 cards in the time it would take you to draw one by hand.  Their demo video shows 6 to 1, but their new release will be even faster. See it in action in the video below.

Football Play Card Printed

Maximize your coaching potential

Using Football Play Card is more than just saving time.  It gives you the opportunity to maximize your coaching potential.  Your time can now be spent on watching film and game planning the details that will help you win on game day.

For any device

Football Play Card is web-based so a separate license or version is not necessary for Windows or Mac.  Further more, the app is available for Android and Apple Devices.  This means that you can load your script and scout cards and bring it out to practice.  The software can be used to create your playbook which you can distribute to your players and coaches electronically.

Better than the rest

On the surface this might appear to be much like other play diagramming software, but with what the app does to save formations and fronts and align players properly, the time saving possibilities make this app much more powerful.

Save printing costs

With an iPad or other tablet, you can save the printing cost of the thousands of cards you might create over the course of the season.  Your budget can be put towards other things that will help your program.

Solutions for your program and budget

Football Play Card has a pricing structure that will fit your program.  This is a web-based program, so updates to the software are available as soon as they are made.  Chris Ratullo and his team are doing a great job of finding out exactly what coaches need and are constantly improving the features.

Available Features

•Create and draw football plays and play cards for offense or defense

•Use preset offensive formations, defensive fronts, and defensive coverages to create play card

•9 Offensive Personnels

•33 Offensive Formations

•6 Defensive Personnels

•19 Defensive Fronts

•12 Defensive Coverages

•Over 124 unique preset defensive personnel, front and coverage combinations

•Over 900 unique preset play cards available

•Defensive front alignments are unique for each offensive formation

•Defensive coverage alignments are based on the offensive formation and defensive front that are selected

•Update the terminology of personnels, formations, fronts, and coverages to match your team

•Draw routes, blocks, coverages, blitzes, and stunts on play cards

•Select routes, blocks, coverage zones for each player

•Create play scripts based on your play cards

•Drag and move players on the screen to customize the play card for the alignment you need

•Add shading to offensive players

•Create reusable formations, fronts and coverages by saving your changes to preset formations, fronts and coverages

•Flip the play card, the formation, front, and coverage, or the hashmarks to get the look you need

•Player-snap-to-grid to get perfect alignments

•Display all of your selected cards in a play script on your iPad during practice so you do not have to draw them by hand.

•Sync play card data to the Football Play Card cloud

•Access your play card data on other devices and computers

•Edit and save changes to play cards

•Print your play cards on the web at

 New Features Added To The Latest Version

•Ability to add rush actions to defensive players.

•Ability to drag and move defensive action lines on the field.

•Other general enhancements and fixes.

This is truly an innovative product that allows you to be more efficient and effective as a coach.  If you are unsure, the free demo is definitely worth your time.  Learn more or subscribe using the code: COACHGRABOWSKI.

Go check out now!!  Sign up for a free 7 day trial! 

Football Play Card Icon

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