101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays


101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays is available for the iPad through the iBookstore here.  This is the first coaching resource of its kind.  To call it a book is a misnomer.  The iBook blends together text, Keynote presentations, image galleries including step-by-step illustrations with coaching points, and video.  The delivery of content on the iPad really presents the coaching information in a format that just makes sense.  

Have you purchased a coaching book before and wished that you had the video to go along with it?  Well you have it right there embedded in the text.  The Keynote presentations illustrate coaching points and give the feel of being at a coaches clinic with the information being shared step-by-step.


How many times have you purchased a DVD and constantly stopped to write down the information being shared?  No need to do that as the text explanations are right there.  Further more, if you do what to make a note, you can do it right there in the iBook.  No need to go searching for your notes at another time. You can highlight and add notes to the text.  At anytime you can go to the table of contents and see an index of what you have highlighted and noted.  Each play is listed in a table of contents at the beginning of the book – no more searching through a DVD.  Just click the play name and you are taken directly to the page that includes diagrams, assignment charts, and wide and tight views of the play on video.  The total time of the video included in the iBook is over 30 minutes.

While the book is listed as 156 pages.  The actual amount of content included goes well beyond that.  229 pieces of dynamic content are presented in the iBook.  Click here for a listing.

The introduction video at the beginning of the book provides you with an idea of how the iBook works and also gives an overview of the content provided in each chapter.

The Content

While the format presents content in a very dynamic way, the iBook presents outstanding coaching content as well.  For a chapter-by-chapter overview, click here.

Sample of Plays included

Each of the links below provides a sample of some of the plays included in the iBook:

Pin & Pull Sweep

Receiver Sweep



Spacing Concept from Play Action

101 Plays are illustrated with video (press box and end zone views) and a Keynote which includes a play diagram and an assignment chart with coaching points.


101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays has been reviewed by four different coaches who run popular blogs.  Read each of the reviews by clicking on the links below:

Summary of all four reviews

High Speed Spread Football

Strong Football Coach

Coach BDud’s Blog

Compete In All Things

Twitter Feedback

Those who have purchased the iBook have been very pleased with both the format and the content.  Read their tweets here.

Get 101+ PRO STYLE PISTOL OFFENSE PLAYS for your iPad from the iBookstore

7 thoughts on “iBook

  1. Coach, is there any other format that your work can be purchased in? I have a PC and currently use an Android phone. If there is any other way I can read and view this iBook I would be more than happy to purchase it. Thanks Coach.

  2. Coach,

    These books on the read plays and read option. do they contain drills and implementation points. I am an old school Wing T guy and need my hand held through this “new” stuff.

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