Leadership and Team Building

This page will include links to my articles on leadership and team building. I will provide a brief description of each.

Leadership and Team Building
Leadership Ladder A great tool and visual for developing leaders who will make an impact on your team. It’s a tool to evaluate not just ability to lead, but commitment to the team concept.

Get Vocal…teaching your players to be vocal leaders focuses on three simple actions to creating vocal leadership with all members of your team.

Servant Leadership from the Quarterback Position. Focuses on the idea that “It’s not about me.” This gives the chapter title slides from our quarterback manual and shows the specifics on how the QB serves each of his teammates in order for everyone to have success. This concept can be applied to any position on the field.

Servant Leadership from Jim Zorn. Another section of our QB manual that was adapted from Jim Zorn’s QB manual. The material does a great job explaining what servant leadership is and how to be a servant leader.

Senior Leadership/Captain Training Part 1. Includes the expectations and training for our seniors who want a leadership role in the team. Lists actions to be completed to be eligible to be a captain. We had great success in implementing this program at the high school level, and we use many if these at the college level as well.

Standards for Captains- Leadership Training Part 2. These are the standards that we expected from our captains. With great leadership, our jobs as coaches becomes easier, and you see that the standards are set up to reinforce what we want from our players on and off the field.

Evaluation of Leaders-Leadership Program part 3. Explains how the leadership ladder is used as an evaluation tool throughout the leadership program and gives an example.

Building leadership through committed individuals. Explains how we use Jeff Janssen’s Commitment Continuum to develop a commitment to the team.

Levels of Commitment A graphic representation of commitment to the program and the team concept. This was developed by Al Golden and adapted by a high school coach. It’s like the leadership ladder, but provides very tangible and measurable criteria for an individual’s buy-in.

“Honking” Practice…Teaching that everyone has a role in leadership. This is a very fun exercise that serves to not only show that everyone has a role in leadership, but also gives our expectations for being engaged and enthusiastic during a game as well as practicing some game day management details. This was always a memorable and powerful exercise for our teams.

Set the Tone. Some thoughts on beginning the season and setting the focus for your team.

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