Opposing ideas in these articles: Best rated helmet ever vs. lose the hard shell helmet

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Former NFL player Dhani Jones is in favor of removing the helmet for safety.

In the article Jones said,

“We need to take the hard-shell helmets off. We could replace them with throwback leather helmets, which everyone understands provide limited protection. But we need to eliminate the idea that I’m in a cage, you’re in a cage, and we can go at each other because we’re indestructible.”

At the same time, Schutt has introduced the best tested helmet in history.

Pete Carroll has come up with a tackling system that many are embracing.

Pete Carroll’s “Heads Out” Tackling – A Must See For Coaches

National Champion Buckeyes embraced Pete Carroll’s “Hawk Tackle” techniques in 2014, and it paid huge dividends

Chris Ash OSU Co-Defensive Coordinator:

“We changed our tackling philosophy, partly because Pete Carroll’s video inspired us to go back and really evaluate ourselves,” Ash told reporters this past week. “When we did evaluate ourselves, we found out that what we were coaching wasn’t showing up on film.”

“I’m so glad that I did watch that video when I did, and we went through as a staff and did that self-evaluation when we did, because I feel today that after 18 years of coaching, I taught something that actually shows up on tape and is safer for the players.”

“It eliminated some injuries,” said Ash. “But it also was a lot more effective. And I can tell you honestly right now, as a coach, I could go show you our film and what we teach, what we coach, what we drill and guess what? It shows up on film,” Ash said. “Not once, not twice, not by luck but by design. Our players have bought into it and that alone, in my opinion, led to us having a lot of success, especially late in the season.”

Pete Carroll Teaches Heads Up Tackling the Seattle Seahawks’ Way

“It gave the answer,” said John Madden, co-chair of the NFL Player Safety Advisory Panel. “We take the head out and you put the shoulder and the arms and the techniques and the drills in.”

Erik Swartz leads innovative research to reduce head injuries in football.
“Our primary goal is to reduce head and neck injuries in football,” says Swartz, a professor in the athletic training option of the kinesiology department. “It sounds simple, but if there isn’t contact to the head, there won’t be a head injury.”
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