USA Football


Here is a list of my articles on USA Football’s website.

On USA Football: The base play provides structure for your offense

On USA Football: Find the details that can enhance your offense

On USA Football: Consolidate concepts for more efficient teaching and thought process

On USA Football: create multiplicity with formations

On USA Football: Develop counters and constraints

On USA Football : Stressing dual responsibility defenders with play action

On USA Football: Combining two concepts into one for a more dynamic play

On USA Football: Planning and Practicing Goal Line Offense

On USA Football: Tempo tools for any offense

On USA Football: Get more out of your 7-on-7 drills

On USA Football: Enhance player understanding with “flipped coaching”

On USA Football: Empty Red Zone Package

On USA Football: Maximize summer practice time

On USA Football: Educated Freedom – Teaching players to maximize effectiveness

On USA Football: Emphasis on third down – 2nd and 8 scrimmage format

On USA Football: Use field space to stress the defense

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