My name is Keith Grabowski and I am the offensive coordinator at Baldwin Wallace University.  The purpose of this blog is to share links to my articles.  I write a bi-monthly article for American Football Monthly, and I have guest posts on other websites.  I receive many requests for my clinic presentations; those will be posted here so they can be downloaded.  Click here for a link to my bio.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. I constantly search the web for football info. I have been coaching for 32 years, a couple at the college level and 29 as a HS head coach. As a research and info rat, I just want to tell you that this is an awesome site. I don’t know how I just recently found it, but glad I did. Thanks for the tremendous amount of time and work that you apparently put into this.
    Donnie Kiefer, HFC
    Central Cabarrus HS
    Concord, NC

  2. Hi Coach Grabowski,

    I just found your page. Let me tell you, it looks awesome.

    My name is Victor Martin, I’m 26 years old and I play football (WR #86) in a Barcelona, Spain area team called Pioners de L’Hospitalet (Spain 1st Division – 4 times in a row National Champions). I also serve as the offensive coordinator of the U-19 team of the Club.

    We might have played against your former QB playing in his 5th season in Switzerland, because we have played a couple times there in the past few years for the European Championship (EFL).

    Again, congratulations on your wordpress page. And nice to meet you!! I’ll be reading you, and most likely, also commenting.

    Victor Martin

  3. Have you thought about developing an app or system that will allow defensive and offensive coaches to send in film of a opposing opponent and subscribers can share there ideas or opinion to help prepare for that opponent? I hope I explain that correctly.

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