Coaches Edge Game Planning System

Coach Grabowski,

I want to tell you how much I think of the Ultimate Game Planning System that you recently released.  I picked it up yesterday and can already tell how much it is going to help me streamline the game planning process and save me all of the time it takes to script everything for the course of the week.

Thanks again for all of your help coach!

Kevin Schelb

Coach Schelb hits the nail right on the head with what the Coaches Edge Game Planning System is designed to do – streamline the process and save time.  The system allows you to plan for every situation you will face, and automates your scripting while ensuring that each play in your game plan gets the amount of reps it needs to be effective on game day.

The system is adjustable to create any mix of run or pass ratio you wish to have in practice.  Once you make the decisions about what you want in your game plan, enter it in the “game plan board” and the rest of the work is completed for you.  Practice scripts, call sheets , and a quarterback wristband are generated for you.  You save a minimum of 8 hours per week and have the confidence that you gave your offense enough work to be ready for the situations they will face.

Also included are printable work sheets for your game plan preparation, as well as a post game report for quality control.

Read about the process here.

All of this is available to you for just $99 one time.  You do  not have to subscribe to yearly.  Get it here:

CE GPS.002

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