Flipped Coaching

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Flipped coaching is a method that allows the coach to be more effective and efficient with his time.  It also allows the athlete to progress at a pace that is appropriate for his development.  The player has the information available to review as many times as he needs it.

Urban Meyer refers to some of the methods used as on edge coaching.  The resources on this page provide some details and examples of an effective teaching method.

On AFM:  Making an Impact with Flipped Coaching

Flipping the Classroom (Flipped Coaching)

The iPad at Practice is an Invaluable Tool

Special Teams:  Be More Efficient and Effective

Follow-up: Advice to young coaches taking on a (Defensive) Coordinator Role

What football coaches can learn from a half time show

Repetition, Retention and Understanding: Flash cards to train your players

Urban Meyer – On Edge Teaching/Coaching

On Edge Coaching and an app to maximize it

On Edge Coaching Pt.2 and another app


The following resources are helpful in presenting your systems in ways that will maximize learning for your players:

Distributing your interactive playbook

The playbook of the future

Improving learning brought the use of iPads

There’s an app for that-a tool for communication

Utilize Technology to Teach and Coach

A Method for Teaching Your Systems

Using the iPad in For Scout Cards


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