Slot Option with Run Combo (an RPO)

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From Josh Herring’s interactive book Quick Rhythm Option Routes.

The quick rhythm options routes explained in detail by Coach Herring make the passing game look simple.  Herring shows how quick option routes can be incorporated into many passing game concepts as well as run-pass option.  While addressing the use of RPO is only a small section of the book, the examples and tutorial provide a powerful application of the concept.  Here is a section of the text followed by a preview of the tutorial video from Coach Herring.  Coach Herring’s book includes over 2 1/2 hours of video and is a must have resource for any offense.  His concepts can be utilized in a variety of systems.

Sloppy with Run Combo

More and more teams are using run-pass combo plays as a part of their offense and we are no exception.  In 2012 Run-Pass combos made up 15% of our play calls, in 2013 20%, and in 2014 14%.  One family of combos in our offense that includes popular concepts such as Stick-Draw and Stick-Zone has the QB reading an inside linebacker for a pass/handoff read.  By locking the backside tackle on the backside defensive end, we isolate the backside inside linebacker.  If he drops to #3, we hand the ball off.  If he plays run, the QB has the inside slot running Sloppy.  By tagging Sloppy in lieu of a Stick or Hitch, the slot has more freedom to win versus a variety of coverage looks and far more potential for an explosive play via the inside slant option.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 6.32.08 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.32.18 PM

Coach Brent Beckley’s book dedicated to explaining run-pass options will be available later this week.  Email with “RPO” in the subject line to enter a drawing for a free copy.  Coach Eckley’s book will include over 3 hours of video.  He gives a start to finish explanation of their system and how they have built in RPO.

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