2005-2008 Clinic Presentations

In the spring of 2005, I gave the first clinic talk of my coaching career at John Carroll University.  The topic was inside zone fundamentals.  The presentation included back ground on how we transitioned to a zone running game, basics for each position, our installation plan, and play diagrams. Much of the presentation was taken from our Power Point playbook which was a hyper linked playbook of 400+ slides given to each player on a personalized CD (no paper playbooks-we were ahead of our time).  In 2004, the inside zone play statistically:

•105 carries for 738 yards
•20% of our offense attempts in 2004
• 7.0 yards per carry
• 63% efficient (+4) yards
•Zero Lost Yardage Plays
•6 TD’s
Download the presentation by clicking the following link:

2005 JCU Coaches Clinic – IZ Fundamentals

Our tailback for the 2004 & 2005 seasons was Ohio’s leading rusher and scorer in Division I (biggest division in Ohio) and received a scholarship to Ball State University where he played for Brady Hoke.  He became a starter at safety at Ball State (never played a down of offense). I spoke at Ball State in the spring of 2006 on our stretch play which was our best play over the previous two seasons.  Statistically, over two season here is how the stretch play performed for us:

•178 carries for 1,840 yards
•21% of our offense attempts in 2004-2005
• 10.3 yards per carry
• 73% efficient (+4) yards
•53 explosives(+12 yard runs)
•17 TD’s
Download the presentation by clicking the following link:

2006 Ball State Univ. Clinic – The Stretch Play

In early 2007, I spoke at Defiance College.  The presentation was a variation of both my IZ presentation and my stretch presentation.  The focus was on 3 distinct plays, a true stretch play where we were attempting to reach each defender and capture the edge, our inside zone play, and our C-gap or wide zone play which we called “OZ.”  The presentation includes still shot illustrations, drills, diagrams, and animated individual coaching points.  Download the presentation by clicking the following link.

2007 Defiance Clinic Zone Runs

More clinic presentations from 2005-2008 will be uploaded soon!


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