A tool that makes any passing game cutting edge

Gonzalez Cover part 1

This is a quick post, but I am so excited about what Dan Gonzalez has put together in his new book Coaching Concepts:  Developing an Offensive System Part 1 – The Need for Change.  

The idea I am in love with are what Dan has created in  “navigation tags.”  Navigation tags allow the quarterback to be in sync with the play caller on a down by down basis.  What was once something that was 100% memorization of the game plan so the QB was on the same play with the coach can easily be seen from the press box and communicated with Dan’s navigation tag system.

Further more, think of how an offense becomes limited when the number two quarterback has to play.  He isn’t as confident because he lacks experience, and most time the coach shares that lack of confidence.  Navigation tags eliminate that worry be giving the coach the ability to direct his passer.

Check it out.  There’s not many things that are easy to add once the season has started, but this is definitely a cutting edge tool that can be added now to any passing game regardless of its structure.

The best part is that Dan’s interactive book Is an easy read and loaded with video and dynamic content.


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