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Innovative Coaching Resources:

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Be more effective and efficient in your game planning and preparation.  Here’s what Andrew Coverdale had to say the Coaches Edge Game Planning System:

“The most valuable resource we have as coaches during game weeks is time – and this resource helped me completely re-imagine how I can best spend it.  By taking the process of planning and scripting and automating it, this tool will allow me to be more efficient in how I work, and most importantly, leave me more time and headspace to be fully present with my kids during our preparations.”

Andrew Coverdale
Offensive Coordinator
Trinity High School
Louisville, Kentucky
2014 6A State Champion
Get it here:

The Zone Running Game
When I started researching the zone running game about a decade ago, there were very few resources available. I was able to put together a binder of articles, some clinic notes, and I found a book and a few videos that I purchased. This post would have been like hitting the mother lode for me back then. The Internet is full of resources on this topic now.

I owe my initial learning to some local coaches who were willing to give their time to sit down and teach me. I owe a lot of my initial learning and foundation of the zone running game to Russ Jacques and Ron Lewis who are both great high school coaches here in the Cleveland area.

Later, I learned from communicating with Bill Mountjoy after my first year of running the inside and outside zone. What I learned from him and a few others helped improve it and produced the Ohio HS Division I leading rusher and scorer in 2005. I posted some zone information from Coach Mountjoy here and here.

The zone has become a very popular run because of its ability to be used in multiple formations and personnel groupings. This post includes over 150 links to information in the zone running game. All of the links will take you to information that is free.

Here are enhanced digital books (text, diagrams, telestrated voice-over instructionals, game footage) that are based on the zone running game:

Marrying Stick and Zone Bubble (an RPO) iPad   iPhone  Google Play  more info

Something to Hang Your Hat on Inside Zone  iPad  more info

101+ Read Game Plays    iPad   More Info

The Zone Offense:  Create a Structured System  iPad   More Info

Bubble as a Pre Snap and Post Snap Answer iPad More Info

101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays  iPad   More Info

Read my zone article here:

A Multiple Run Game with the Zone Scheme

Download my zone clinic presentations here:

2007 Glazier Clinic Presentations

2005-2008 Clinic Presentations

Notes on Wake Forest Outside Zone

The zone running game is the basis of our pro style pistol offense. Learn more about it in my iBook 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays, and look for a three volume series from me to be released in the late fall.

Chris Brown/Smart Football

Simple Explanation of Zone Runs

Zone Runs

Houston Texans Running Game

Malzahn – Auburn Run Game

Inside Zone and Pin and Pull Cut-Ups

Brophy Football Blog
Alex Gibbs New Developments

Herb Hand Zone Runs

X&O Labs
Inside Zone for Maximum Efficiency

Rip, Reach and Run to the Perimeter

Utilize the H-Back in Zone Schemes

Marrying Inside and Outside Zone Schemes

Pistol Two Back Zone Run Game

Pistol Zone Read Variations

Zone and Gap Runs from Unbalanced Formations

Zone Read: Variations in the Pass Game

“Pod” Teaching the Inside and Outside Zone

The QB Midline off of Outside Zone

The Inside Zone Study

Blocking the Outside Zone

Clinic Articles, Notes, and Presentations – Materials produced by coaches
Chip Kelly – Zone Read Option

Andrew Coverdale Inside Zone

Bill Mountjoy Zone Blocking

Bill Mountjoy Run Blocks

Bill Mountjoy Outside Zone

Bill Mountjoy Inside Zone

Bill Mountjoy – Teaching the Steps of Inside and Outside Zone

Alex Gibbs Outside Zone

Alex Gibbs Inside Zone

Zone Blocking Stacks

Coaching the Inside Zone – HS

Critical Elements in Zone Blocking

Inside Zone Tutorial

Complimenting Inside Zone With the Wham

Outside Zone – Running the Defense Horizontal

IZ Notes – Steve Loney

Ken Wilmesherr – Zone Blocking Part 1

Ken Wilmesherr – Zone Blocking Part 2

Ken Wilmesherr – OL Drills

Kevin Boyd – Effective Zone Blocking Techniques

notes taken on Steve Addazzio Clinic

Chip Kelly Zone Read Option Article

Zone Blocking Drill Manual

Greenbay Zone Scheme

Atlanta Flacons – Beightol OL Zone Drills

3 Man Zone Combos

Kyle McElvany OL Manual (HS)

Blocking the Modern Zone Run

HS Zone Presentation

Outside Zone Drill

Bill Mountjoy Clinic Notes

Zone Blocking Part 1 – Philosophy and Concepts

Zone Blocking Part 2 – Schemes and Footwork

Zone Blocking Part 3 – Stances

Zone Blocking Part 4 – Drills

Zone Blocking Part 5 – Drills

PPT with Alex Gibbs Coaching Points

Defensive Stunts for Zone Read

Zone from the Flexbone

Alex Gibbs Coaching Points

Forum Thread

News Articles – these articles give some insight on to what coaches believe and why they are using zone runs.

Steelers Zone Running Game

Another on Steelers Zone Run

DolphinsSwitch to Zone Run

Broncos Power and Zone Run

Seattle Commits to Zone Run

Buccaneers – Defense faces Zone Run

Redskins – Shanahan Loves Zone Runs

Alabama Inside Zone

NY Jets Run Game

Raiders Still Believe in Zone Blocking

Why Packers Should Consider Zone Read

Redskins Zone Read

Analysis Articles – These articles use still shot illustrations and diagrams to explain zone runs

Steelers Zone Run Blocking

Urban Meyer – OSU Zone Runs

Michigan State Outside Zone

Redskins Zone Run Defeats 8-Man Fronts

Zone Run Can Make Redksins a Playoff Team

Browns Zone Runs

Texans Running Game

Texans Get Run Game on Track

LSU’s Inside Zone

Inside and Outside Zone Runs

Seahawks Zone Read

Seahawks Zone Blocking

Florida State Zone Blocking

OSU/Urban Meyer Outside Zone/Stretch

Texans Wide Zone

Notre Dame Zone Blocking

Oregon Zone vs LSU

Texas A&M Zone Read

Oklahoma Zone Run

NY Jets Run Game

Michigan Zone-Stretch

Dallas Cowboys/Bill Callahan Outside Zone

Oregon Inside Zone Series

Auburn Inside Zone

Wisconsin Run Game Part 1

Wisconsin Run Game Part 2

Redskins vs. Seahawks Zone Run

Michigan Zone Read

Oregon QB Zone Read – Fishduck

Oregon Inside Zone Runs-Fishduck

Oregon Outside Zone Read Altered- Fishduck

Videos online

Texans Run Game

Youth Football Zone Cuts

Coach Berry OL Drill tape pt 2 – Howard Univ

Coach Berry Inside Zone

Coach Pogue – Seymour HS. iZ vs 8 in the box

LSU Zone Clinic

Cut up illustrating Lions Zone Blocking

Oregon Zone Read vs Stanford 2010

Oregon Inside Zone vs Cal 2008

Oregon Outside Zone vs Cal 2008

Outside Zone – Joe Daniel

Iowa State Zone 1

Iowa State Zone 2

Iowa State Zone 3

Minnesota Inside Zone

Minnesota Inside Zone 2

Minnesota Inside Zone 3

Minnesota Inside Zone 4

Minnesota Outside Zone 1

Minnesota Outside Zone 2

Minnesota Outside Zone 3

Minnesota Outside Zone 4

Minnesota Outside Zone 5

Inside Zone Blocking Scheme

Steve Campbell – Outside Zone 1

Steve Campbell – Outside Zone 2

Steve Campbell – Inside Zone 1

Steve Campbell – Inside Zone 2

Steve Campbell – Inside Zone 3

Steve Campbell Plays off of IZ

Steve Campbell -Reverses off of Outside Zone\

Steve Campbell -Triple Option off of Inside Zone

Steve Campbell Inside Zone Clips pt 1

Steve Campbell Inside Zone Clips pt 2

Outside Zone Clips

Brock Huard – Oregon’s Inside Zone Read

Zone Read Cut ups

Alex Gibbs – Outside Zone Cut Ups

Texas Playbook Spotlight: Inside Zone

X&O Labs – Monmouth Outside Zone

Inside Zone Blocking Ohio St

Zone Blocking white board prior to walk thru-HS

Zone Blocking Walk Thru 1 of 3

Zone Blocking Walk Thru 2 of 3

Zone Blocking Walk Thru 3 of 3

Rod Dobbs pt 1

Rod Dobbs pt 2

X&O Labs Southern Oregon U Inside Zone

Tony Demeo zone read

Tony Demeo zone read to unbalanced

Nevada Zone Read

Another Nevada Zone Read

Nevada zone read vs Missouri

Nevada zone read vs Mizzou give to RB

Pistol Zone Read HS

Oregon zone read 3 tech

Oregon shotgun read option

Oregon read 3 tech

HS zone read clips

Inside Belly/Zone Coach Ruckman

Tight zone explanation

Zone blocking drill

Alex Gibbs pt 1

Alex Gibbs pt2

Alex Gibbs pt3

Alex Gibbs pt 4

Alex Gibbs pt 5

Alex Gibbs pt 6

Alex Gibbs pt7

Alex Gibbs pt8

USC Outside Zone vs Cal 2008

Miami Outside Zone Blocking Larry Scott

Outside Zone and Toss – John Hart

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