Urban Meyer – On Edge Teaching/Coaching

I’ve written some posts about “On Edge Coaching” and the clinic talk I heard of Urban Meyer’s in 2012.  Here is the entire clinic talk on video.  He speaks about a number of topics, but around 20 minutes in he speaks on how he wants the Buckeyes to be taught and coached through “direct teaching.”  He makes a point of using the technology and tools available to teach rather than just present to players, and to keep them on the edge of their seats.  Meyer says, “The greatest teaching tools available in the history of this sport are now available to you…The days of saying, ‘I don’t use that’ are not acceptable at the Ohio State University.  We’re going to be on the cutting edge of every teaching tool that is available.”

Here are the three posts that directly relate to this topic.  Each includes a review of apps that allow you to maximize your coaching.

On Edge Coaching and an app to maximize it

On Edge Coaching Pt.2 and another app

Another App for Interactive Position Meetings

Here are some other posts related to this topic:

Utilize Technology to Teach and Coach

Distributing Your Interactive Playbook

Playbook of the Future

Improving Learning through the Use of iPads

Retention of Learning

When you break it down, most of us really do similar things in our concepts and schemes.  Obviously, talent is a part of success on the field, but even more important is how we teach and prepare our players with the details necessary for them to win each play.  Being able to use the best tools available allows us to maximize our coaching.

My iBook 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays delivers content in a powerful way.  Read more about it and what is included here.


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