RPO (Run-Pass Option) Resources

It’s been a while since I posted a resource page, so here are my articles on RPO as well as other resources I have found on the internet.

Here’s what I have written on RPO:

My first resource page on RPO/Read Game –  Packaged Plays Resources

Pop Pass

Combining two concepts into one for a more dynamic play

Musical Chairs: Packaged Plays and the Evolution of “Option” Football 

The Total Package – I contributed to this article by Chris Brown

The Stick Draw Concept

Two-in-One Plays and Tempo

101+ Read Game Plays by Keith Grabowski  iPad   More Info 

RPO by Brent Eckley  iPad   More Info

Marrying Stick and Zone Bubble by Ian Formaz  iPad   iPhone  Google Play  more info

Quick Rhythm Option Routes by Josh Herring (includes section on RPO) iPad   More Info

Here are other resources on RPO:

The Play Option Pass

Pop Pays and the Pro Style Offense

Tom Hermann Run Pass Combinations

Downfield Passes as the Pitch Phase of Read-Option

Packaged Plays and the newest form of option football

Evolution of the East Coast Offense – Run/Pass Option

Brandon Weeden Stick/Draw

Run Pass Chess Game

Philadelphia Eagles RPO

Kelly/Foles RPO

Seahawks RPO

RPO from Stack Receiver Sets

I’m always looking to share more.  Email grabkj@gmail.com or use the comments section to post other links.

Slot Option with Run Combo (an RPO)

RPO logo.001

From Josh Herring’s interactive book Quick Rhythm Option Routes.

The quick rhythm options routes explained in detail by Coach Herring make the passing game look simple.  Herring shows how quick option routes can be incorporated into many passing game concepts as well as run-pass option.  While addressing the use of RPO is only a small section of the book, the examples and tutorial provide a powerful application of the concept.  Here is a section of the text followed by a preview of the tutorial video from Coach Herring.  Coach Herring’s book includes over 2 1/2 hours of video and is a must have resource for any offense.  His concepts can be utilized in a variety of systems.

Sloppy with Run Combo

More and more teams are using run-pass combo plays as a part of their offense and we are no exception.  In 2012 Run-Pass combos made up 15% of our play calls, in 2013 20%, and in 2014 14%.  One family of combos in our offense that includes popular concepts such as Stick-Draw and Stick-Zone has the QB reading an inside linebacker for a pass/handoff read.  By locking the backside tackle on the backside defensive end, we isolate the backside inside linebacker.  If he drops to #3, we hand the ball off.  If he plays run, the QB has the inside slot running Sloppy.  By tagging Sloppy in lieu of a Stick or Hitch, the slot has more freedom to win versus a variety of coverage looks and far more potential for an explosive play via the inside slant option.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 6.32.08 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.32.18 PM

Coach Brent Beckley’s book dedicated to explaining run-pass options will be available later this week.  Email grabkj@gmail.com with “RPO” in the subject line to enter a drawing for a free copy.  Coach Eckley’s book will include over 3 hours of video.  He gives a start to finish explanation of their system and how they have built in RPO.

More on Coaches Edge Technologies:


Coming Soon: Run Pass Option by Brent Eckley

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.32.18 PM

Who is Brent Eckley? 

Brent Eckley has been the head coach at Jackson High School for three years where he has compiled a 25-9 record, two state quarterfinal appearances and back to back top ten finishes in Class five. In 15 years as a head coach his overall record of 126-41 and includes twelve playoff appearances.

During his career Coach Eckley has helped to produce 53 college bound football players, including the former starting quarterback at the University of Colorado and University of Kansas, Jordan Webb, and Eric Czerniewski, the 2010 Division II player of the year and 2010 Harlon Hill Winner.  Eckley has also coached 38 all state football players.  Coach Eckley has also been named district coach of the year, conference coach of the year multiple times.  Coach Eckley is a regular presenter for Glazier and Nike Football Clinics. He has also been chosen to produce a video series on his winning coaching philosophies.  Coach Eckley has also served as the President of the Missouri Football Coaches Association.

 What does this manual provide?

Like all Coaches Edge Technology products, it provides depth and detail on the topic.  Included in a blend of text, interactive presentations, and diagrams is over 3 hours of video.  Concise instructional videos, telestrated video analysis, and multi-angle cut-ups provide the reader with every detail needed to utilize these concepts.

Outline of RPO:

Background of offense

Keys to offensive success



System structure (formations, terminology, play calling)

Using fly motion


Quick game concepts

Dropback Concepts

Run game families

Zone concepts

Power concepts

Route tags and conversions

Special formations

Stick draw concept

Dive-rainbow RPO concept

Offensive menu and installation plan

This manual is the first volume in a series of RPO designed to teach exactly how to incorporate run pass options into an offense.

Get more great Coaches Edge Technologies interactive books.

Targeted Attack:  Using Tempo as a Weapon by Keith Grabowski

Over 20 tempo tools are discussed in detail and further explained with game video.  If you are not including Tempo as part of your attack, you are missing huge opportunities to move the football.  Lean more here

Want some RPO now?

RPO is something you will see a section on in several of our iBooks.

Josh Herring includes it in Quick Rhythm Option Routes.  This concept is a great tool for any offense, and he has utilized quick rhythm routes with run pass options as well.

101+ Read Game Plays by Keith Grabowski includes a variety of read game components, RPO, and play action off of the read game.