Be more effective and efficient in your game planning and preparation

Coach Grabowski,

I want to tell you how much I think of the Ultimate Game Planning System that you recently released.  I picked it up yesterday and can already tell how much it is going to help me streamline the game planning process and save me all of the time it takes to script everything for the course of the week.

Thanks again for all of your help coach!

Kevin Schelb

Coach Schelb hits the nail right on the head with what the Coaches Edge Game Planning System is designed to do – streamline the process and save time.  The system allows you to plan for every situation you will face, and automates your scripting while ensuring that each play in your game plan gets the amount of reps it needs to be effective on game day.

The system is adjustable to create any mix of run or pass ratio you wish to have in practice.  Once you make the decisions about what you want in your game plan, enter it in the “game plan board” and the rest of the work is completed for you.  Practice scripts, call sheets , and a quarterback wristband are generated for you.  You save a minimum of 8 hours per week and have the confidence that you gave your offense enough work to be ready for the situations they will face.

Also included are printable work sheets for your game plan preparation, as well as a post game report for quality control.

Read about the process here.

All of this is available to you for just $99 one time.  You do  not have to subscribe to yearly.  Get it here:

CE GPS.002

Update from Dan Gonzalez

Coaching Concepts Update

Part 2 in the four part series of iBooks I am releasing through Coaches Edge Technologies is in the works, and should be to you by the Holidays. In it, in-depth examination of Language, Protections, Drop Back Passing, and Complimenting the Drop Back Game will be backed up with interactive video and presentations. New ideas used during the 2014 season will be introduced, and will prove to be a primer to Part 3 (covering teaching and installing) and Part 4 (covering game planning and adjustments) to be released in the spring.

With Part 1 already being available (here), we are hoping to provide an excellent resource for your team’s off-season development and beyond. This series ISN’T just about the drop back passing game; it will be about efficiency and balance, as some of our most successful clients were able to run the ball downhill through a variety of schemes — which will be discussed in the series.

I’m really excited about this work, as it will help coaches from any system.

The Ultimate Game Planning System

Save 8-10 hours every game week and get more quality out of your game planning!

With the Coaches Edge Game Planning System, create a more efficient and effective practice script. Getting the plays in the game plan the necessary reps for them to be effective on game day is no longer a pain staking task. Simply enter the game plan at the beginning of the week, and the script is created for every single group and team period during the week. The hours spent creating a script and making sure every play gets the necessary practice it needs is now automated.

Up-Tempo and Standard Tempo templates are included!

Easily Adjusts to match your offense!

Call sheet, Practice Scripts & QB wristband are generated instantly as you game plan.
Plan for all situations you will face.
Reduce the stress on the play caller.
Give players confidence that they are prepared for all circumstances.
Improve work flow and free up time to watch opponent film and teach players.

Coaches Edge Game Planning System uses a simple process for making decisions early in the week that allow you to get the practice repetitions that will ensure the proper execution on game day.

Even though you may have an expansive, flexible offense over the course of the season, thinking you have that wide menu of plays can lead to confusion for both the play caller and the players. The fact is that there are only a limited amount of practice repetitions available, and you will only call about 60 plays (more if you are an uptempo team) in the game.

Being able to exercise discipline on your process by limiting the amount of plays that will appear on your call sheet on game day is the at the core of the Coaches Edge Game Planning System.
Sample Game Plan Adjustment
This is done on what is called the Game Plan Board.

The Game Plan Board gives a set number of plays which you can carry and feel confident in practicing over the course of the week. In general, the game plan board and scripts are set up to give you 50-50 balance between run and pass. If you desire to practice more running plays or more passing plays, see the “Adjusting” instructions included in each section. This allows you to create the balance you desire.


Post season quality control: 6 factors to analyze in the run game

On USA Football:

The postseason provides time to review and identify both areas of success and areas needing improvement. Focusing attention on the run game, analysis should uncover information that will be helpful in preparing for next season. Modern video editing systems allow coaches to generate reports and video cutups so the process is made easier. Being able to analyze three key numbers can help identify areas needing improvement for the next season.

Check out my new game planning software. Coaches Edge Game Planning System

Post Season Analysis: Factors Affecting the Passing Game

Check out my new iBook:  Pro Style Pistol Offense – 101+ Read Game Plays.  Included are tutorials on reading various versions of the zone read with different attachments like option or quick game, power read and variations, veer adjustments to zone, play action off the read game, and other read game complements.  Explanation and detail on how to incorporate the read game within the structure of the offense shows you exactly how to incorporate these plays. Also check out 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays and The Zone Offense:  Create a Structured System.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 2.18.19 PM

On American Football Monthly:

The off season gives a coaching staff the opportunity to go back and evaluate their work from the previous season.  Done in detail, the process can serve to identify the effectiveness of passing concepts.  By charting key data on each play, the coaching staff can pin point correct assignment and technique, as well as developing coaching points and drills to improve the effectiveness of the play.  Just looking at the statistical data only tells part of the story.  For example, our “Takeoff Change” concept on 3rd down and long (6+ yards to go) had a 72% conversion rate.  In general, that statistic tells us we should be calling that play more on third and long.  This might be true, but we have the opportunity to learn much more about that 72% and why it worked as well as why it didn’t.

Analyzing some factors can help us replicate or improve the success of this concept in the next season, as well as anticipate what the defense may do to adjust it.  We know the opponent will be studying our film as well, and seeing what stopped the play should be something we have a clear understanding of as well.   This process also works for concepts that were not successful.  Again, just seeing the completion rate or yards per attempt may not tell the whole story.  A few adjustments may make that concept effective.  The point is, quality control work must be done to get the whole picture…read more

On Dan Gonzalez Football

A couple weeks ago, the #1 ranked 5A team in Missouri squared off with the #1 ranked 6A team in the state.  The 5A team prevailed that night, 35-21.  I am admittedly biased, as the 5A Fort Osage Indians are a client of mine.

I asked their coach, Ryan Schartz, if he’d write a bit on how they have benefited:

Last winter my offensive staff and I knew we had a group of players suited to throw the ball.  Our run and shoot system was by no means broken, but it did limit some of the the things we wanted to be able to do.  After reading Dan’s book Re-coded and Reloaded, it dawned on me that this was the system to use.  Installment started in the spring and continued into the summer.  The language that he uses allows players to learn quickly.  Our kids have commented several times that it is much easier to learn than our former system.  His system was an easy transition as it has many run and shoot concepts built in. One of our main objectives was to be able to get our RBs out in to routes out of the backfield.  The Gonzalez system more than allows an offense to use all 5 receivers.  The best part, though is the rhythm passing and progression allows the QB to make his reads quick and decisive. After using parts of it for the first 3 weeks of the season, we have noticed that there is much flexibility in attacking defenses.  This is all coming from at team that traditionally runs the football 80% of the time.  Dan has been terrific!  He is readily available to help explain and give advice.  Although we have not changed much of our run game, his passing system has been a wonderful resource for our program.

Ryan Schartz
Head Coach
Fort Osage High School
Independence, MO

History Lesson

This post by Coach Jeff Floyd was written nearly a year ago. He starts by saying “It’s been a tough couple of weeks for the sport we love.” Well since that time it hasn’t become any easier. The season started amid controversy with famous NFL players. Last year’s Heisman trophy winner found more trouble for himself and was suspended. High school seasons were ended abruptly by hazing incidents. Furthermore, an ever increasing focus on the concussion problem threatens the future of football. Our game isn’t necessarily painted in a positive light.

To this point, the game has been framed as of one of strength and brutality. It’s played by tough guys who are willing to endure the physical nature of the sport. Now many see the negative incidents highlighted almost weekly on the news as part of the culture of our game. As coaches, we need to help reset the image to showcase all of the positive aspects. Football really has become a thinking man’s game. Gone are the days of three yards and a cloud of dust. The top teams in the country at any level produce 500 yards a game of offense regularly. It’s no longer done with brute force. It’s execution of specific technique and strategy. Players need to read and react pre snap and post snap. Success on the field is reliant upon studying and understanding strategy and scheme.  The game will always be aggressive and tough, but intelligence and quick thinking are at the forefront of a player’s ability.

I’ve been able to put together a team of coaches willing to share the details of what helps them be on the cutting edge of strategy, scheme, and technique. We will be releasing their work early in the off season and continue to find the best coaches with the best content and make it interactive. Check out a few early releases here:

In regard to what you can do to help our game, I’ve started a research project of my own asking coaches to send any plays (game or practice) where a concussion has occurred. The video will be used to help identify some solutions to help us with teaching blocking, tackling, and other techniques in a way which we can make the game safer. Details on how to send video can be found here.

Thanks for your help. Please contact me if you want to get involved with Coaches Edge Technologies.

You Can Do More!

It has been a rough couple of weeks for the sport I… WE … love.

  • A study just released showed participation in youth football leagues across the country was down 10% last year… a significant hit (pun intended) and is attributed to fear of injury … specifically head injuries… on the parents part.
  • You can see the posturing for litigation beginning as former NFL stars test, and show signs, of CTE … chronic traumatic encephalopathy.
  • The “Locker Room” culture in the NFL, from hazing and bullying to overall bad behavior on some NFL teams, has been exposed and laid bare.

It’s not the first time football has been under siege, but it might be the most critical battle since our sport was almost banished in 1905 after 18 people died playing football.  A few things that happened in that year (1905) that saved the sport:


There were…

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Off season start today? Need to see this cutting edge offense. QB produces 1,091yds in two games!

Dan Gonzalez is on the cutting edge of offensive strategy.  He has a client whose quarterback accounted for a total of 1,091 yards in two games (580yd and 511 yd).  667 yards and 8 touchdowns (no picks) were through the air, and 424 yards and 3 touchdowns on the ground.  Yes, the quarterback is very talented, but those kind of numbers are only possible with a great system, and Dan provides an innovative offense.  Learn more about in his book. Developing an Offensive System:  A Need for Change.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 4.27.00 PM

Dan Gonzalez explains how to create a system from the ground up, taking into account that the concepts and techniques should be able to be learned at the youth level as well. He’s created a communication system that allows the coach to guide the quarterback’s thought process on the field on a down-by-down basis.  Moreover, the teaching and procedures throughout the system demand mutual accountability between the player and coach.  Gonzalez’s takes into account everything that is needed to develop a full offensive attack.


Coach mentions changing our time worn ways of doing things. I have a study in place to help discover if some of our “time worn ways” can be adjusted to help make the game safer. Read more and please contribute here:

You Can Do More!

I never wanted to be one of those “old” coaches that was always saying…

Well, back in my day we…..  “ ,  fill in the blank.

But, the game HAS changed.  Recent rule changes, and discussions at all levels from Pop Warner to the NFL regarding contact, concussions, and practice restrictions have made it necessary for coaches to adapt.  Outcomes of pending lawsuits in the NFL regarding concussions and head injuries will trickle down to all levels of play.  I am not saying these discussions and rule changes are bad, but as coaches we may need to change some of our “time worn” ways of doing things.

To all of us, the safety of our players is paramount.  Most of us took the “head” out of our tackling vernacular years ago.  We must continue to teach safe tackling.  But, here is the rub… the

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