On USA Football: Develop counters and constraints

My next article in a series of developing an offensive system is up on USA Football.  The series of articles presents ideas on building an offensive system that are further detailed in my newest book The Zone Offense:  Create a Structured System.  

The base play provides structure for your offense

Find the details that can enhance your offense

Create multiplicity with formations

Consolidate concepts for more efficient teaching and thought process

Once you establish a base play as a starting point for your offense, it becomes clear as to what answers a defense needs to stop the base play.

Develop constraints and counters for your base play:

As discussed in “The base play provides structure for your offense,” establishing a starting point gives you a thought process for play calling. The stretch play was the starting point for our thought process. We wanted to get the defense moving laterally to stop our intentions of getting the ball to the perimeter with the stretch play…read more

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From 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays

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On USA Football: create multiplicity with formations

While a team may use only a limited amount of formations during a season, having the ability to utilize different formations while integrating with different personnel makes an offense adaptable. Terminology needs to be flexible as well. As a team adapts different concepts into its structure, it all has to fit logically. Our program was looking to cut down on a huge number of schemes but maintain multiplicity. We needed to build a system that allowed us to do more with less, to be diverse in formations and motions. We needed to create a system that allowed us the flexibility to take advantage of our personnel. We wanted our offense to focus around schemes and concepts that could be used in a multitude of formations, where we could line up in a double wing or with four wide and it did not affect what was going on up front with our linemen….read more

Learn about our formations system using tag words in The Zone Offense: Create a Structured System

First three sections of The Zone Offense: Create a Structured System

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My new iBook The Zone Offense: Create a Structured System is available in sections from the iBookstore.  The first chapter of the iBook is free as a download.  This multitouch book was broken up into smaller sections to help coaches with their own personal professional development.  While the total package provides important lessons, it also allows a coach to tailor his learning by providing a la carte pricing.  The remainder of the book was divided into sections as follows:

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This multitouch book includes the first three chapters of The Zone Offense:  Create a Structured System. These chapters provide the foundation for building your own system by illustrating specific examples of how we evolved from an ineffective offense into a record breaking offense.

Structure a Starting Point and Develop Coaching Methods $6.99

These chapters provide the foundation for building your own system by illustrating specific examples of how we evolved from an ineffective offense into a record breaking offense.  Structuring a play to serve as a starting point and developing coaching methods to teach the details are the focus.

Develop the Fundamentals $7.99

This multitouch book includes the chapters 6-11 of The Zone Offense:  Create a Structured System. While it is specific to this one play, this section serves as a model for setting up drills and practice so that time is not wasted and both players and coaches are effective.  Generic drills lost value in our system as we moved to practicing only those things that will happen on game day.  This chapter is valuable in stimulating though on how you coach and what you do in practice.  This is especially valuable for a young coach who may get enamored with the drills that a popular coach does but may have little impact on what your offense actually needs.

Section 4 will be released soon.  This section is titled Application of Strategy.

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The Highest Quality Mental Reps

Cool use of technology for mental reps!

You Can Do More!

Mental reps….

Quality mental reps…

The highest quality mental reps…

There are limitations to the number of actual, physical reps that your athletes can take during the week.

  • Access to fields and equipment
  • Practice time
  • Access to other players to compete against
  • Fatigue
  • Access to coaches
  • Increased risk of injury

In a previous post, Adaptation, I wrote about how, with the changing nature of our sport, it will become increasingly important for coaches to come up with new and better ways to mentally prepare our athletes for peak contest performance. One way to do that is for the athlete to take mental reps along with their physical reps.

Mental Reps

The problem with mental reps is, well, they are mental. Being such, there are limitations to their effectiveness. In the past, in order to see positive results of taking mental reps, a player had to rely on a great…

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On USA Football: Consolidate concepts for more efficient teaching and thought process

Check out my new iBook:  The Zone Offense:  Create a Structured System.

As an offense, we used to carry certain route packages for certain coverages. This led to a long menu of route concepts, which made it difficult in practice planning as well as play calling on game day. In searching for a better answer, we evolved to carrying five concepts that we could tag to be able to get more out of each concept’s structure. From a passing game perspective, this is similar to how we treated our run game.

In our system, we basically mirror routes from 2-by-2 and a separate structure of 3-by-1 concepts. The mirrored routes carry a mentality of telling the quarterback to pick a side presnap and work it. We have some routes that bring a receiver across on a shallow or drag, but most are the standard 2-by-2 routes such as curl and smash. We still carry curl and smash combinations within what we do, but they no longer exist as a separate concept. In making this change, we have streamlined our thought process for the quarterbacks and allowed ourselves to have more a focused game plan and practice repetitions. Using different tags within each concept, we allow our quarterbacks to make simple adjustments to routes to allow for a better combination against what the defense is showing.

Read more here

My first iBook:  101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays



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On AFM: Pairing Zone Read and Power Read to Attack Across the Defensive Front

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The read game allows the offense to attack the defense where they become weakest based on post snap keys. The power read allows for a gap scheme read concept that attacks inside and outside in one direction at the same time. The zone option allows for an A-Gap to A-Gap inside run that can hit front side or cutback as well as attacking the perimeter opposite the inside zone. The personnel we use gives us a fullback, running back and a hybrid receiver/running back in the backfield along with a dynamic quarterback. As seen in the diagram below, just two play calls allow us to attack the entire front.

PR ZBO.001

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Read about developing an offensive system in my new iBook The Zone Offense: Create a Structured System. Learn more about our pistol offense in 101+ Pro Style Pistol Offense Plays. Both are full of dynamic content – diagrams, animations, presentations and game video and are available for the iPad or Mac on the iBookstore. 

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